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MIDI-Tempo-Map Advertising Standard

Advertising that can be mapped over a standard beat
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I have been listening to "house" music, or whatever they call modern dance music where the beat just goes on and on and the music sort of changes slowly over it and there doesn't seem to be any break between songs, and there isnt any singing, for the first time, and it is very meditative and easily falls into the background so that I can go from exersizing to eating to reading, all with the beat in the background and the beat only accentuates most of the other audio I need in my daily routine, except for advertizing, which is pretty crazy audio-wise, because I guess they make it as attention grabbing as possible so that it is interruptive by nature.

I cant stand advertising and will turn off Pandora whenever an advertisment comes on, and will change stations on the radio as soon as advertising comes on. I guess I fall on one end of the spectrum how much advertising bothers me, but I wouldn't hate it so much if it worked over the beat that was coming from the song before it.

So I wonder if the advertisers and the house musicers or even the news casters could get in on this too, and they could all agree on some standards, so that beats can be played under whatever you are doing, reading news, making music, having a movie, doing advertising. This would allow people like me to read the whole thing as one big song, which is probably is, but you know people like me need assurance. I need something to hang my hat on.

JesusHChrist, Jan 27 2014

Television advertisement https://www.youtube...watch?v=KPONH2j4In8
[calum, Feb 02 2018]


       Perhaps advertising should eschew fully-fledged content and instead be published as a mark-up language or CSS-like construct, modulating and repackaging the ambient audio stream of its destination?
hippo, Jan 27 2014

       //I need something to hang my hat on.// So, a hatstand. Or possibly a folge.
pertinax, Jan 31 2018


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