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Haptic Feedback Pistol Grip

Pairs well with Idiot Proof Holsters.
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Pistol grips that vibrate in a specific pattern for a set length of time when drawn from their holster. Prevents police officers from claiming they didn't realize which weapon they had drawn.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

Piston / taser confusion death https://www.ktvu.co...itvale-bart-station
Supposedly the officer pulled the wrong weapon. [doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022]


       I swear to god after reading your other idea this popped into my head as well but I'd just have the deadly weapon vibrate. Codes would be too complicated I'd think. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       As long as it doesn't vibrate too hard and the pattern is very simple (e.g. if it's vibrating at all it's a gun) this is brilliant. Also cheap, practical, and easy to implement. In fact this should be made by someone. Do we still have a real maker in the house?
Voice, Jan 15 2022

       [a1], Kim Potter was just found guilty of manslaughter for shooting someone with her gun instead of her taser. So it's been established now that courts WILL, at least sometimes, hold these officers accountable. While no single approach to preventing such an occurrence will ever be perfect, it gives more evidence to a jury to chew on.   

       It was a different size. It was a different shape. It was a different color. It had a different trigger. AND it vibrated. AND it literally shouted at you what it was. You see where I'm going with this. It makes convictions against such cops easier.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

       Well now, couple this with my Mae West idea from 'Idiot Proof Holster' and you've got the complete sex toy.   

       'Make Love, Not War', as the hippies say.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 15 2022

       And 21, this isn't the first tazer/gun confusion death. (link)   

       This is truely a "How come nobody ever thought of this before?" idea.   

       I'm wondering if the tazer should vibrate because that's more intuitively like electricity. Plus with the deadly weapon you don't want distraction eh?   

       Whatever one vibrates I'd think you definately wouldn't want both to.
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       The idea in my mind was that you want to draw more attention to the lethal one. Nobody cares if you accidentally discharge your taser instead of the gun, so a vibrating warning that you've drawn the taser is less helpful.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

       Fair enough, but I think the vibrating should definately just be for one and not both.   

       And have that holster blast a siren or start playing a recording saying: "FIREARM DRAWN! FIREARM DRAWN!"
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       21, I've fired a tasar pistol once and many bullet firing pistols over the years. The tasar is a little bit lighter for a weapon of that size but nothing you'd notice in the heat of the moment until after you pull the trigger.   

       This is along with the warning or alarm holster for the firearm or at least the holster "Deadly weapon drawn!" alert is a no brainer.   

       My son's a police officer and former combat Marine so he's the family weapon's expert. I'm going to ask him and see if this is a thing. If not I'd like to get his opinion.
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       Would drawing either weapon not take up a lot of valuable time, and be hard to do without a comprehensive range of instruments and good lighting?
xenzag, Jan 15 2022

       Better than painting or water colors.
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       In what way is it better? Time taken? Artistic merit? technical detail? You need to be a lot more specific than that if you want people to take your comments seriously you know.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2022

       Zen, I'm reminded of a meme I saw of a man holding up a mile of traffic at a sign that says "draw bridge ahead", sweating profusely and muttering about what a ridiculous requirement that is.
21 Quest, Jan 16 2022


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