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office clowns

joy @ work
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After watching the movie Patch Adams I was struck by the clown that helps very ill children forget about their illness for a while.

How can we survive the stressfull day at work? The Office clowns are able to put a smile on your face during those stressfull hours of the day. They make you forget the worries, issues, problems, complaints, difficulties, challenges for a bit and you shouldfeel energised again when the clown has gone.

"A smile every day makes the stress go away..." "A day without laughing is a day lost..."

chello, Jan 31 2002

Primal Terror http://groups.yahoo...eyes/files/00a7.JPG
Surely work is stressful enough without having the living be-jeezus scared out of you by this sort of carry-on? [Saveloy, Jan 31 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Giant Jimmy http://groups.yahoo...yes/files/00a9f.JPG
The true face of evil [Saveloy, Jan 31 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Would these clowns be skilled in the art of self-defence?
st3f, Jan 31 2002

       Homey don't play that.
phoenix, Jan 31 2002

       Baked - managers.
quarterbaker, Jan 31 2002

       "To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kinda scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad." - Jack Handey   

       For the record, I agree with him. Except for the part about my Dad. Ichthyoskeletal icon for you.
waugsqueke, Jan 31 2002

       always room for one more, Peter
po, Jan 31 2002

       //I was struck by the clown//
Are you OK now chello?
thumbwax, Jan 31 2002

       A Patch bloody Adams type clown would have to be used as some sort of focal point for agression release in my office.
mcscotland, Jan 31 2002

       [chello] = [viola]?
phoenix, Jan 31 2002

       I heard a rumour about that....
po, Jan 31 2002

       We discussed this once in an idea that I think was called "corporate clowns," and the discussion included the history of court jesters.
beauxeault, Jan 31 2002

       If Life gives you lemons... squirt 'em in the bitch's eyes.   

       And contrary to popular opinion, laughter is not the best medicine. My vote goes for penicillin, which has a much better success rate with syphillis.
Guy Fox, Jan 31 2002

       Lighten up, folks! Back in the '70's when when I had my corporate offices in a Century City high-rise ( and the world was dark and grim), there was a mime who would set up shop at lunch-time for the benefit of office workers coming and going outside the doors of our building. Now, everyone knows how irritating mimes are, and I admit to having been one of the voices that helped silence him forever and get him banished from ever performing in Century City again. But had it been an "honest-to-goodness" Clown (and had I been as wise as I've become in the intervening years), I would have been very glad to have helped sustain that Clown and paid for two shows daily, if only so my employees left work each night with grins on their faces as they commuted home. I'm pretty sure that I could have legalized slavery, and still been voted "Boss of the Decade", if only I'd been a little more open to the compensations of laughter.
jurist, Feb 01 2002

       Personally, I'm a great believer in making work hard and miserable. It encourages people to pursue an active social life and to spend time with their families. It lessens the likelihood that they'll stand around at parties discussing work-related matters, and will require them to find outside interests to develop as a person. I am happy to work in a job that provides me no pleasure, and if I found myself enjoying it, I would quit.   

       Plus, I'd be really annoyed if they paid the clown more than me.
pottedstu, Feb 01 2002

       [beaux] History of court jesters? We're back with the pestles and vessels again.
Personally, I think office clowns are a great idea. I've spent my life building up the skills, and I now consider myself a true artiste of the Charlie Coroli school.
Luckily, no-one's found me out yet...
goff, Feb 01 2002

       I spent most of yesterday attempting to get a file to run through someone else's crappy Unix/Java batch job, which produces terse and misleading error messages. Had some Office Clown appeared and encouraged me to smile, he's have been rewarded with a smack in the mouth (particularly if it was the joker who wrote the batch script).
angel, Feb 01 2002

       Jurist - 2029 or 2049 CPE?
thumbwax, Feb 01 2002

       Interesting...if I recall correctly, the "corporate clown" idea (evidently now deleted) was pretty similar in concept, but got a much more favorable vote tally. I do think I recall one difference that may be telling, though. chello seems to present the idea as something that one might actually encounter today or tomorrow. I think the other idea was presented as more of a fantasy scenario that might be encountered in the world where flocking road cones and lazy river offices are real.
beauxeault, Feb 01 2002

       Thumbwax...During the '70's it was the 1901 Avenue of the Stars building, as it happens. My recollection may be a tad off, but I don't think 2029/49 CPE opened until around 1982 or so. Regardless, nice to see you, neighbor!
jurist, Feb 02 2002

       The corporate jester idea was okay because jesters are okay, whereas all-out clowns just plain suck. I'll consider changing my vote back to neutral if the clown can make lewd balloon shapes. Otherwise you'll have to be happy with this balloon fishbone.
Jezzie, May 27 2003


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