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order drinks with iphone

or other non stand-at-the-bar device
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Ok, so i'm english, and we go to pubs, and when you want to buy a round of drinks, you leave your friends, stand at the bar for 1-20 minutes and come back with drinks, minus money.

The crucial 'time away from friends' is the key here. If you're arguing about the motorcycle with offset wheels idea, you don't want to stop. Sure if somebody starts being boring - you'll go. Bars are missing out on drinks sales. Drunk people don't _need_ to drink, but _want_ to. Sell them beer. Never let them have an empty pint.

So - waiter service is good, but i've never seen it work better that 'standing at the bar'. There should definitely be some kind of electronic gizmo at each desk which orders drinks for people. iPhone app or whatever. I admit it needs to secure payment, but that's not impossible.

Also - who here is bothered that their pint is poured fresh ? would you just 'have' a pint that was on-the-side if you didn't have to wait for it? i would. But i drink ale. Which is a bit like pond-water... but without the newts.

Who here thinks that 'waiting at the bar' for drinks is all a little bit _tooo_ last century?

[edit 1] - what?? how come i can VOTE for my own idea??

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 11 2010

A Quiet Solution Restaurant_20Semaphore
Especially perfect for nautically themed restaurants and bars, and those establishments patronized by service members and Boy Scout graduates. [jurist, Apr 11 2010]


       I always thought using semaphore flags to signal for drinks was a rather nice (and quiet) solution to this problem. <link>
jurist, Apr 11 2010

       Dude.  Your drunk.  That wasn't a vote for yourself.  You just ordered a beer.  I'll be right there with it.   

Mustardface, Apr 12 2010

       hic ... (emailed from my iphone)
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 12 2010

       It would be cool if the bar had its own iPhone app. Except for all the apple-using hippies.   

       Whose drunk?
nomocrow, Apr 13 2010

       I was once dining in a restaurant where the service was "difficult" that day. I phoned them and asked "Could you send a waiter please? I'm the one waving at you now". It was a fun moment.   

       I confess to slight inebriation.
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 14 2010

       why iphone? why not anyphone?
po, Apr 15 2010

       //That's a good way to get your food spit in.//   

       Yes, I too have to tone down my natural tendencies to be an arrogant prick until *after* the food has been brought to the table.   

       Oh [-], by the way. Mostly because I abhor iPhones or iAnythings for that matter. I'm a staunch believer that the more difficult talking is, the more worthwhile listening would be. Also because I don't like seeing newbies overwhelming the HB with a barrage of mediocrity.
MikeD, Apr 15 2010

       Can't be doing with technology of any sort in pubs (beyond the simple hand pump, that is). I'm still upset about the conversion to electronic tills.

Pubs are an island sanctuary where you can hide away from the modern world. They are museums of culture and appalling customer service standards from a bygone era and annoying though standing at the bar can be, especially if you are watching the clueless bar person gassing away to their mates at the other end of it , this is not nearly as annoying as mobile phones are. Fishbone from me!
DrBob, Apr 15 2010


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