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Rum in chewables

It pretty much explains itself.
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Basically, this is any beverage (in this case rum) to be fortified into a handy gel tablet. (I mean, they did this with Advil, now let's do something that actually does its job.)
croissantz, Aug 21 2004


       beer jellybabies - I like to bite the head off!
po, Aug 21 2004

       Something similar to this has been baked in "Lover Come Back," a hilarious romantic comedy starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. In this case, the mints are called VIP, and each mint has as much alcohol as 3 martinis. Nobody is aware of the alcohol in the mints and people eat one of each color (6 in all). Hilarity ensues.
Machiavelli, Aug 21 2004

       Well, you'd like the tablet to be tasty like, say, candy. So now you have rum- filled candies. Available at any gourmet shop.
bpilot, Aug 21 2004


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