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political power as a currency

If money == power, then why not make power == money ?
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The voting system essentially works like this.

Everyone is give a certain amount of tokens. They can distribute the tokens to each party as they wish.

What this means is that every week, each party will get that amount of tokens as income for their token banks.

What this means, is that instead of voting yes or no, you instead 'bid' yes or no. Winning bids will have the token cost deducted.

This provides interesting dynamics in which you cannot always vote yes to everything, or you may run out of tokens. Instead you have to vote carefully based on your "power budget"

mofosyne, Nov 18 2014


       == ?
popbottle, Nov 18 2014

       `==` :~ Stands for equality test sign. Since in C `=` is an assignment operator
mofosyne, Nov 18 2014

       Election coming up? Our new Token Mortgage allows you to borrow up to 10 times your annual allowance of tokens *   

       Want to take a chance on a deeply suspect fascist party? Proect your vote with our token hedge - 10 tokens a year, and we refund your losss if your candidate loses their deposit!   

       *subject to status, 575% apr, plus fees.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2014

       There's a variant of this Idea that may be posted elsewhere on this site as an annotation, long ago, and which I've been thinking about posting as its own Idea. Basically, think about the taxes you pay each year. Now think about how the Congress takes the tax money and supposedly constructs a Budget for spending it. Note that every year, many items are always on the list of things that need to be Budgeted. What if those regular items were included on a special tax form? Each taxpayer would examine the amount of tax personally paid for the year, and decide how much of it should be devoted to the items on the special tax form (up to some max percentage, say 75%, leaving the Congress to decide what to do with the rest). The taxpayer could divvy up the amount any way desired. Some will put most of their tax money into the Defense Department, some will send most of their money to NASA, some will send a big part of their money to the National Debt, and so on...
Vernon, Nov 18 2014

       Trouble there, [vernon], is it relies on the naïve idea that income tax is the most important or biggest source of tax revenue.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2014

       On a crude level, you could peg Vernon's system it to corporation tax, which might encourage payment / discourage offshoring.
calum, Nov 18 2014

       I have long been secreting a version of Vernon's idea, for the day when I have enough Facebook followers to start demanding tributes. I half suspect that the old annotation Vernon mentions was mine, but it is the type of good idea which would have made the rounds several times on HB.
4and20, Nov 18 2014


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