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post-its that stay up

really sticky stickies
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Ok this is a simple idea: why dont post-it / sticky note manufacturers put more than a 1cm thick band of stickyness? Why not make it only have a 1cm thick band of non-stickyness (just enough to peel off), and have the rest of the back side covered with the glue? Obviously this would cost more, but some people (like me) need their post-its to stay on the wall for ages...
harrybro, Oct 25 2002

Removable labels http://www.shoplet....ce/db/AVES6424.html
Would these do the job for you, [harrybro]? [half, Oct 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I agree with this, not because I keep my post-its that long, but because my post-its have a tendancy to curl and have been known to end up stuck to people walking near my desk.
baron555, Oct 25 2002

       If the entire back was covered with glue, wouldn't they be hard to peel off the pad?
krelnik, Oct 25 2002

       I've got this book on 'problem solving with post-its' and at the back it has an appendix on how to pull off a post-it with minimum curl. Apparently if you peel it off the intuitive way by lifting and peeling back it curls them, and instead you should 'pull forward diagonally and slightly up'. btw when I said glue, I meant the normal post-it adhesive, which isn't that hard to peel off. Sometimes we use 3M spraymount (a similar adhesive in a spraycan) to the same effect, but my mouth aways ends up feeling a bit furry after spraying too much, and it is far too much hassle (too much spray makes it permenant)....
harrybro, Oct 25 2002

       Wouldn't this be... a label?
TwoSheds, Oct 25 2002

blissmiss, Oct 25 2002

       Well, from what I understand, it would be a slightly less sticky label with a strip that has no glue on it. Sort of like the current post-its but the part that has no glue on it would now have glue, and the part that has glue would be glueless.
baron555, Oct 25 2002

       (link). But, I don't know if they're packaged in a nice little bundle.
half, Oct 25 2002

       The whole point of Post - its is that they don't stay up. They're designed to be temporary. I understand the concept was arrived at accidentally when a standard 3M experiment failed to produce a high - quality adhesive and some smart cookie thought of an application for the result.   

       I suppose there could be a series of sticky notes with an adhesive gradation - grab the note numbered one to ten to get the exact amount of adhesion you need. It might make your desk a bit cluttered, though...
snarfyguy, Oct 25 2002


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