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Unlock the ability, press perfect sequence before the level , complete the level
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This idea is for the speed runners whom try to find the quickest path through a game. This involves finding the perfect key sequence and timings to get through the computer game's obstacles in world beating times.

The idea is for an obtained ability to go into a 'out of game', time stopping, blind state before the level and press the buttons in perfect sequence and timings. Once key play is loaded and invoked, the level then plays out with those key strokes and timings for the player to watch and the optimal time is then achieved .

The time traveling ability is unlocked for a level by going under a set time for that level.This only works for the set of keystrokes and will drop player back into play on the level when keystrokes and timings run out. When a complete level of blind keystrokes is completed, global game time travel is unlocked. This allows any level for any section. There is a slight time incurred by use to force longer keystroke sets.

Some games have obstacles with AI so path and weapon use has to be more carefully thought through before time travel can be used. Side scrolling platformers with slight character variation generation might be more apt for this ability.

Time travel, you have to know before you can.

wjt, Aug 22 2020


       This would be interesting in the Super Contra side scroller. I used to have that game down to an exact science where I wouldn't lose 1 man.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2020

       Sounds like "Tool-Assisted Speedrunning" as an in- game feature or powerup.
sninctown, Aug 22 2020

       ^Programming a macro set of keystrokes or super weapon to be enacted on a one key push situation isn't the same as blindly making a large set of keystrokes for an automated run through.   

       Using a keystroke logger on first run through to produce data that could be edited for the perfect set. That would be a tooled up work around.   

       Now I am thinking it is too difficult blind. Maybe some similar timed music as an overall cue or even just a ghosted map without obstacles.   

       This idea was because of the word grind which I take to mean the hours of practice to get the right play. If the grind is heavy enough, it should be able to be done blindfolded.
wjt, Aug 22 2020

       I only play Sudoku
pashute, Aug 26 2020

       Sharing in the halfbaked epigenetics, I suppose 3 dimensional?
wjt, Aug 27 2020

       The only thing that comes to mind is "foreplay".
blissmiss, Aug 27 2020

       You just keep telling the girls that [kdf]...   

Wow. People in general, and women in particular, don't seem to even register that I exist, let alone speak to me...
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 28 2020

       I was... undesirable to the female persuasion for such a large portion of my life before meeting my wife that now that women seem to find me attractive I am off the menu.   

       oh the irony...   


       I always thought you were a hunk-a-hunk of burning love, 2-fried.
blissmiss, Aug 28 2020

       I can hold my own.   

       ...wait, that didn't come out right.   

       //foreplay// You're right [blissmiss], I suppose the dance of love is largely done to wind up the mind pre physical enactment. Not unlike this computer gaming idea.
wjt, Aug 29 2020


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