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Quick, Hide the Body!

Hide the body before the cops come (game).
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Each level shows an apartment-like 2.5-D birds-eye view and in the middle of the room is a dead body.

The goal is to hide this body in the best way possible using the objects made available in the rooms, and using the environment itself. You can drag the body from room-to-room looking for a better hiding spot. You can also pick up, turn, and reposition furniture (anything you see) to help aid your terrible crime concealment.

There is a time limit on screen. The closer it gets to zero the louder the sounds of the sirens are heard (the police are coming). There is also a % completion meter. When this meter hits 100% the body is completely concealed and you have completed the level (each level requires a certain % to be hit). You must reach that minimum % before the time runs out and the cops arrive to arrest your ass.

In higher levels the body drips blood leaving a bloody trail behind it as you drag it from room-to-room. You must clean the blood too (use your hands to clean in early levels but more XP points can give you money to buy cleaning products like Windex).

Flies are also visible in higher levels to indicate the smell of the decomposing body which help tip the cops. Hide the smell with products like a fragrant perfume (lol).

For each successful level you get XP points that can be used to buy more cleaning agents for use in future levels e.g. Fragrant perfume to masking the odor of a body (flies will disappear).

Other products you can buy include a carpet to roll the body in (helps mask the odor and gives extra % towards concealment -- u still have to hide it somewhere).

The goal is to put the body in a place where it looks natural to the scene... translation: you can't just toss the body under a table. The % indicator will help you determine the best spots (might be in a certain room, might also require repositioning one or more objects in the room).

Future levels start with not just a body to take care of but shows blood all over the walls that must be cleaned too, and furniture that's been tossed around (like a tornado went through the place)...you must rearrange furniture so it doesn't looked disturbed, and deal with cleaning the blood everywhere, and hiding the body.

Also in later levels blood must be cleaned with special agents so Black Light cant detect the blood (recall that blood can't just be wiped clean by hand or soap).

You can buy a UV-light (Black Light) gun to get confirmation that you cleaned all the blood and there are no hidden trails you missed.

A dead animal might be hidden under furniture as well. Hints include flies around the area. So you must move the furniture and deal with that problem too.

You can take the body to the kitchen and stuff it in the oven but the legs will hangs out. Turning on the oven starts to smoke up the area and also attracts more flies making it a bad spot to hide.

Oh, no what do you do? Don't get caught!

quantass, Mar 12 2010

Watch out for pig farmers {Note - some very rude language} http://www.youtube....watch?v=4HAQ3pNHwj4
From the Guy Ritchie film "Snatch". [Jinbish, Mar 12 2010]

found it. Crime_20Scene_20Rug
[blissmiss, Mar 12 2010]

//What about hiding the body in plain sight?// https://newsinfo.in...ension-for-50-years
Baked. Enjoy the article. Para 12 i particularly apropos. [DrBob, Aug 30 2020]


       I quite like this - sort of player-vs-CSI thing. Hide this bun.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2010

       Disappointed it seems to be only a video game [ ]
pocmloc, Mar 12 2010

       This is sick.   

wagster, Mar 12 2010

       It reminds me of the idea about the crime scene, dead body outline. Can't recall, will go look.
blissmiss, Mar 12 2010

       extra points if you get the body cleaned & cooked in time to feed the cops
smendler, Mar 13 2010

       Strangely enough, since I read this idea I have found out that the owner of a local shop was found with a body in his freezer a few years ago. It's a good hiding place, but obviously not good enough.
wagster, Mar 13 2010

       I can just picture the leader board:   

High score has earned you BigBrothers undevided attention for the rest of your life.

       Have a nice day.   

       //High score has earned you BigBrothers undevided attention for the rest of your life.//   

       The player probably had a runnoff father so he could probably do with the guidance of a father figure.
xxobot, Mar 15 2010

       Probably mmwha...?   

       I see this being a Sims expansion pack.
hippo, Mar 15 2010

       This would work perfectly as a split-screen isometric puzzler, graphically similar to "Head over Heels" or "Knight Lore" where puzzles are a kind of abstract towers of hannoi affair where doing something puts something else in the way of another task you'll need to do at some later stage etc. For example, putting the body in a fridge might require you having enough space in front of the fridge to open the door, only your corpse is in the kitchen blocking the door so maybe you'd need to take the body into the lounge (messing up the carpet in the process) move the tv into the kitchen (so that there's enough space to) move the fridge into the lounge and use the *green* key (all these games had colour coded keys, gems or other unlocking devices) to open the fridge, put the corpse in the fridge, take the tv back into the lounge, move the fridge (now loaded with a body, so you can only *push* it because it's heavy) back into the kitchen. Phew, except, Gasp! now the TV, the fridge and the lounge and kitchen carpets are all covered in blood, so you need a way to get to the mop (the only way available is to shimmy across the curtain-rail, but that leaves fingerprints that a level 5 detective might spot if he were suspicious enough)...etc
zen_tom, Mar 17 2010

       If you made it an online multiplayer game, some players could be Murderers and others could be Cops/CSI's.   

       You shoot your victim, then you have to hide the body before law enforcement responds. Tricky ...
8th of 7, Mar 17 2010

       A sub-game might feature a close-up of your character's face under questioning - waggle your joystick from left to right as different questions are asked to control unwanted twitches and grimaces. If you don't keep up your concentratometer, your questioner could ask a doozy and you'll give yourself away!!! At higher levels, the interrogator might up the pressure by switching on a lamp, casually showing you their dentist equipment, or they may just repeatedly ask you whether it is safe. (This could be a whole game to itself "Interrogation Master" would have been a hit in the arcades)
zen_tom, Mar 17 2010

       When is this going into production?   

       //If you made it an online multiplayer game, some players could be Murderers and others could be Cops/CSI's.//   

       Could use a WoW type of platform, with Cops and Criminals and would further encourage the obesity problem in America.   

       I can't see a downside to this. We would need lawyers though for when a confused, socially awkward teenager tries to hide his abusive step- father.   

       Furthermore, could you attempt to fool the police by, say, laying plastic out all over the living room and butchering a deer or something... you know, just try to come across as weird?
BakedRiemannZeta, Mar 17 2010

       // just try to come across as weird //   

       Shouldn't be hard for HalfBakers ....
8th of 7, Mar 17 2010

       [zen_tom] - the idea of it being an isometric puzzler is pretty intriguing. It adds an interesting extra layer of complication on where to find the best hiding spot since one must now resolve one or more obstacles in the way before achieving their main goal (hiding the body in a particular spot). When adding this idea to the [8th of 7]/[BakedRiemannZeta] idea of Cops/Killers i can imagine it being a mystery-type puzzler where both cops and killers must strategize -- searching the area (cops) can be just as puzzling to find a well hidden body (done by the murderers) as it is in actually doing the hiding (and cleaning) by the killers. As XP points rise both sides have the ability to get new cleaning agents and other items to aid in concealment for killers, and detector items and other items to aid in detection (cops).   

       [8th of 7] / [BakedRiemannZeta]- Cops vs Killers in a cat & mouse game of killing-hiding/finding the body. I can see the multiplayer aspect written all over that (read above paragraph for more).   

       When combining both ideas i can imagine the killer moving furniture around in all kinds of ways to get at his hiding spot...only certain ways can be done to accomplish this (read zen_tom's example) and once successfully hidden and things are cleaned and ordered back into place before the time runs out he is done his part then is rewarded the XP points as quantass points out. Now, assuming it is multiplayer then this new hidden body is now put into a pool of unsolved mysteries (a new level for multiplayers)....those who chose to be cops are now allowed to solve this level...they know a hidden body is in the scene they just dont know where....now they are given a time limit to solve the crime scene (find the body). If they continue to be successful then they too get XP points (outlined in the way quantass mentions).
corezz, Mar 18 2010

       Looks like this idea is baking nicely. When is it going into production? I'll help beta test...
BakedRiemannZeta, Mar 18 2010

       lol..some great additions in here I wasn't expecting so much conversation!
quantass, Mar 30 2010

       Looks like you've hit on a genuinely good and indeed marketable idea. There's a whole raft of CSI fans out there with high disposable incomes just waiting for the servers to go live ...
8th of 7, Mar 30 2010

       lol, never gets old..too funny
corezz, Sep 09 2010

       =Reverse Hidden Object. % indicator would be difficult, since the idea would be that any idea would count? How about appropriate use of saws & meat grinders?
Ling, Sep 09 2010

       Getting away wqith murder should just be the first level of the game. Once you've got that bit out of the way you then need to move on to things like claiming the victims benefits & pension money, selling their house etc, which would bring a whole new army of investigators into the field against you.
DrBob, Sep 09 2010

       You can't dilute the joy of murder coverup after murder coverup with fraud. I'm got the meat grinder idea with a bonus for making a pie and feeding it to the cops. A digested body is a hidden body...
saedi, Sep 09 2010

       What about hiding the body in plain sight?
In a reasonably high level in the game, have the option of putting the corpse to bed or in a comfy chair, add blankets etc, and something to cover up the smell.
Tell the cops "Oh, that's Jeff, he had a hard night on the town last night. No need to wake him..."
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 09 2010

       Ne habeas corpus.
pertinax, Aug 28 2020

       I really like this idea. I can't believe it hasn't already spawned a string of best-selling computer games and spin-off theme parks, breakfast cereals and blockbuster movies.
hippo, Aug 28 2020

       Clever. [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 28 2020

       // putting the corpse ... in a comfy chair //   

       Baked. In the UK, it's called the House of Lords.   

       // something to cover up the smell //   

       Scientists are working on that one, but the pungent mixture of stale tobacco, old urine, decaying garments and mould is a tremendous challenge. To date, it's proved more effective to issue respirators to the attendants.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2020


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