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proximity detonator

anti-theft for weapons
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a phosphorus based electronic detonator, which, when housed within a glass vial with some fluid is harmless enough, but if taken out of the electronic "fence/range" it cracks the vial, drying out the phosphorus, which ignites instantly, and detonates the weapon, rendering it useless for any thief.

The electronic chip would need to be part of the vial, which is glass or whatever, and heat sensitive, so that when the chip crosses the threshold, it cracks the vial.

A few years ago a director -generals audit of australia's defence force weapons stockpile revealed 28 million dollars worth could not be accounted for.

yesterdays newspaper states that approximatly 8 light anti-tank weapons (rocket launchers) are known to be at large in Australia, although a deal/payment of $50,000, has been paid for the return of one, there are many potential terrorist cells in existance in Australia.

Stork, Dec 16 2006

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The non-military version. [jutta, Dec 16 2006]

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       Stork. Hello Stork...   

       So what kind of world do you live in? Do you carry weapons? Own misssile launchers? Just read the newspaper? Just curious.
normzone, Dec 16 2006

       Normzone, I don't see anywhere in Stork's idea that suggests he/she owns any weapons or missile launchers or that this idea is for personal use.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 16 2006

       21 Quest, hello ..21 Quest, well what have you got to say about that?   

       i got bunned, hahahahahahaha.
Stork, Dec 16 2006

       To rig weapons of war with self destruct mechanisms is quite appealing in times of peace... how about something that detects peace and destroys them immediately, skipping the theft part?
loonquawl, Feb 04 2009

       //To rig weapons of war with self destruct mechanisms is quite appealing in times of peace//
to people that don't have to work on, with or near them, yes I imagine it would be. [-]
FlyingToaster, Feb 04 2009

       As demonstrated before the start of WWII, sometimes overwhelming weaponry is the only effective war deterrent that dictators understand.
RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2011


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