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Solar jacket

Add a solar flare to your wordrobe
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A jackett covered in solar pannels used to power electric rolar blades or scooter or just a baterry pack for storage and later use. with the number of people in the world we have a new energy source. (beware the rain)lol. menilicly your's
bogeld_mind21, May 18 2007

Scott E Vest, $150 http://www.scotteve.../access_solar.shtml
Of course, if the sun is shining, why would you wear this? [jutta, May 18 2007]

(?) Various solar clothes http://www.tx.ncsu....igital_printing.htm
These are only concept sketches, but look a lot snazzier. [jutta, May 18 2007]

Solar Denim Jacket (CeBIT, 2006) http://www.engadget...im-jacket-at-cebit/
Why do they always write "Solar Powered ..." in these write-ups? It's a jacket, for crying out loud. It doesn't need powering. [jutta, May 18 2007]


       Given that this is totally obivous, I'm surprised how recent and sparse the real-world instances are.   

       I guess the people who would use this live in places where outlets are plentiful; and if you're actually camping or travelling and would need this, simply a portable, rollable panel is obviously more useful.
jutta, May 18 2007

       Maybe the problem is with the durability of solar panels as a jacket? Maybe some kind of "sandwich board" that could be slipped over a jacket if you really had to generate electricity on the move.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2007

       The only spelling error I could find was boggled [bogeld_mind21].   

       jackett: variation of jackette, a tiny jack used to change the tires on model cars.   

       pannel: 1. A kind of rustic saddle. 2. (Falconry) The stomach of a hawk. 3. (Mil.) A carriage for conveying a mortar and its bed, on a march.   

       baterry pack: a knapsack made from wool terrycloth.   

       wordrobe: a literary armoire.
nuclear hobo, May 19 2007

       [21 quest], I understand your dismay regarding spelling, but I think I've figured out the real reason you're so upset by this.   

       [bogeld_mind21] is a distant relative of yours, a member of the farflung 21 family. Don't be embarassed, you can't be held fully responsible for your kin :-)
normzone, May 19 2007

       //menilicly your's//
is kinda growing on me.

       Consider realistic Watts per square metre of jacket. Powering roller blades or a scooter? No way, Philippe.
Texticle, May 20 2007

       Pannels: n, a line of shoes by European designer Eduardo Pan.
ColonelMuffins, May 21 2007

       baterry: n, A flattened slice of rye bread. Short for "Battered Rye" also spelled "Baterye" in Europe.
ColonelMuffins, May 23 2007


       MFD: spelling crimes against humanity.   

       If it's a jacket, we must assume its purpose is to protect the wearer against inclement weather. A jacket that is a liability in rain is no jacket at all. Solar panels that are extremely rugged and weather - I do dare say it! - PROOF are easy to find. Beware not the rain.   

       Everything on this planet is solar powered, if you go far back enough in the energy hierarchy.   

       Someone please explain the etymology of "menilicly your's" to me? I can't even misread this enough to make it sound like something else.   

       [nuke]: literary armoire, good one.
elhigh, May 23 2007

       I thought it was "menacingly yours", that's why I didn't say anything...   

       <cowers>...(don't hurt me)...</cowers>
theleopard, May 23 2007

       My best guess is "maniacally yours", as in "affected with or suggestive of madness". In other words, a mindset where one's laughter triggers hand dryers.
Canuck, May 23 2007

       Why must our language be so hard to write? As children, how many hours did we spend at the Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, when we could have devoted that time to what really matters? (Science)   

       I rely on my computer to correct me on a daily basis - not because I'm stoopid (I am), but because I refuse to waste neurons on some idiotic conglomeration of old languages and the mostly illogical spelling that goes with it. In Japanese, I refuse to learn all but the most useful kanji for the same reason. Hiragana makes the most sense to me, and I wish we had an equivalent system for Ye Olde English. Japanese never ask how to spell anything - if you can say it, you can write it. They do ask what kanji character to use, which drives me nuts, because, who cares! Think about something important!   

       So boggled bogeld, thanks for at least thinking about an important issue - screw the spelling.   

       As for the idea: the surface area is just too small for today's solar cells to output anything better than a few watts. There are solar-backpacks available now that pretty much bake this idea.
TIB, May 24 2007

       menilicly your's; N, A breathmint that makes you foam at the mouth and drool uncontrolably.
ColonelMuffins, May 24 2007


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