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wall climbing

no expensive wall to build
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This is not my idea, but I thought it worth mentioning. If you like wall climbing but don’t have the cash or space for one of those walls, just attach those hand and toe holds to a sizable tree. You can go as high as you have the nerve and use an upper branch to attach the fall arrester to. No it’s not the same as a wall but it’s the next best thing.
dane500, Feb 03 2005


       I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty sure that in my younger years I climbed trees and (gasp) I did this WITHOUT a fall-arrester, nor indeed hand or toe holds.
What you're describing is tree-climbing-for-the-scared which is not reallly a substitute for wall climbing (which in itself is not really a subsitute for rock climbing).
neilp, Feb 03 2005

       Why not just buy one pair of hand- holds and one pair of toe-holds and attach them to your gloves and boots (respectively, of course). Then you could climb any wall you pleased.
Basepair, Feb 05 2005


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