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rover on the moon

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to map ice deposits close up
simonj, Jan 15 2009

Lunar rover http://upload.wikim...place_(cropped).jpg
New thing? [Thrust, Jan 15 2009]

Lunar rover. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunakhod
Not autonomous though. [coprocephalous, Jan 15 2009]

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       What kind of ice? The type american gangstahs refer to as ICE?
neelandan, Jan 15 2009

       Hardly a new idea is it? Think: Lunahod. (no, not a device for carrying Moon bricks)
coprocephalous, Jan 15 2009

       \\ You reckon I'm cruel to dogs? \\   

       Would you have Rover ever return home (Earth)? Would Rover the moon-ice mapping dog also have nice warm wool pants to wear, while away way way up there?
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 15 2009

       \\ change his name \\   

       I like Rover myself. But thanks for the nostalgia. hah. : ) been decades ago that I enjoyed that strange story.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 15 2009

       in an Exxon-Valdez sort of way, yes.
FlyingToaster, Jan 15 2009

       What about Earth's other moons?
4whom, Jan 15 2009


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