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sandwich scrubbing sponge

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The scrubbing sponges I use in the kitchen have an abrasive layer on one side, a softer layer on the other side, and are generally about hand-sized. The height of fashion there currently are brightly colored patterns, e.g. of leaves for an autumn-themed scrubbing sponge.

Produce a series of scrubbing sponges in the shapes of popular open-faced sandwiches. The cheese sandwich has irregular holes in the abrasive layer. A mortadella sandwich has white circles in pink. Pumpernickel, butter and cheese. Salami. Cucumber with a layer of cream cheese. (Mhh, cucumber.) Could be scented, even.

jutta, Nov 13 2005

(?) I'll volunteer to wash up! http://www.kraftfoo...Tomato_Sandwich.jpg
[po, Nov 13 2005]

Another sandwich-shaped product Peanut_20Butter_20a...20CD_20Carry_20Case
*shameless self-promotion* [calum, Nov 14 2005]

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       Ludicrous. +
moomintroll, Nov 13 2005

       Initially expecting something to scrub your sandwich with after you've dropped it...but I like this. I have to go clean now.
normzone, Nov 13 2005

       Ludicrous, yes - but would probably sell by the crateload.
wagster, Nov 14 2005

       Wow, this is brilliant! I see stuff like this a lot. They sell like hot cakes! Providing, of course, that the hot cakes are inexpensive, delicious, low-fat, cholesterol-free........ Anyway, this is like Zombie Toothpaste, isn't it? Still toothpaste (Or sponges) but with different appearences. If I cleaned, I would buy one.+!
TahuNuva, Nov 03 2007

       I don't get this. Surely all sandwiches look the same from the outside, i.e. breadish? Or are these meant to be open sandwiches?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2007

       Good point; I've inserted the word "open-faced" at a strategic point in the description.
jutta, Nov 03 2007


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