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Startup Jobs

startup job webpage
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Connecting entrepreneurs and professionals is the main focus of the webpage. Many startup companies’ project launch is prolonged due to the lack of resources available to the entrepreneurs and their companies. An important part of the resources are the employees. Currently, entrepreneurs recruit for their startup project through their friends, family and colleagues. There are many knowledgeable employees in the industry willing to work on a new innovative technology. The goal of startupjobs.com webpage is to find those talents and recruit for entrepreneurs. Let me know that you think about the idea... gnada1@gmail.com thanks
gnada, Mar 20 2007

ejob http://www.ejob.com/
Last update in 2005 - "Silicon Valley's leading staffing and recruitment automation and outsourcing service for high tech companies" [thumbwax, Mar 22 2007]

(?) asiawired http://www.asiawired.com/career/index.asp
Parent Tabs: Job Seeker | Recruiter [thumbwax, Mar 22 2007]

StartupZone http://www.startupzone.com/
one-stop resource provider for pre-IPO startups [thumbwax, Mar 22 2007]


       (-) I don't see the point of segregating this market. Just do a normal job search and include "startup" in the keywords you search for, or mention "startup" in the ad you put out.
jutta, Mar 20 2007

       So whereas normal job websites advertise jobs which come with a liklihood of working a 40-50 hour week for a prearranged salary, this would advertise 'jobs' for which there was an expectation of working 70-100 hour weeks with a 50% probability of no money at all, a 40% probability of a mediocre wage and worthless stock options but some useful experience, a 9% probability of pretty good money in the short term and interesting work, and a 1% probability of big money and being in at the start of something big.
hippo, Mar 22 2007

       I did actually work for a startup in Silicon Valley in the late 90's and was even given some stock options, but it was a fairly comfortable startup compared to the three-guys-in-a-garage image that startups have.
hippo, Mar 23 2007

       //hippo, did we work for the same startup(s) ?//

       maybe you worked at one I did, [bigsleep]. :)
Zimmy, Mar 23 2007

       the webpage startupzone.com has not been active in few years, ejob is a placement company and not a job board. Not sure if asiawired has the same concept of startupjobs.com....
gnada, Mar 24 2007


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