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Term Limits For All

Out with the bad air - In with the good!
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Term Limits have become very popular in the US over the past 10-15 years. Many offices now have voter imposed term limits, prohibiting elected officials from remaining in office for any length of time, and infusing new fresh blood and fresh ideas into these offices.

Why should elected office be the only field which benefits from this refreshing turnover? Every occupation should have similar term limits imposed. By rotating people through different jobs every 8 years, there would be immense crossfertilization of different fields, and we would avoid the stale doldrums which sometimes settle over a business. There would need to be some card to ensure that people did not just _seem_ to be changing jobs - but actually taking a different administrative position in the same business, or working on a different part of the assembly line.

bungston, Nov 15 2003

(?) US term limits http://www.termlimi...o/current_info.html
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(???) Term limits dude http://www.termlimi...n_Sense/pjacob1.jpg
He is showing how long a term should be. [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       While there may be more people who know a bit about a bit more, there are some fields where having 30+ years of experience doing one particular thing could be extremely valuable. Bone.
Freefall, Nov 15 2003

       It occurred to me that this sadly overlooked scheme would allow more people to benefit from the very high salaries paid to some CEOs. The term limits for these positions could be made very short. A yearly compensation of 30,000,000 would translate into a salary of 27,397 for an 8 hour stint. I am sure there would be folks willing to continue chief executing on second and third shift as well, which would add value since I am near-certain current termless CEOs sleep for part of the day.
bungston, Jan 23 2008

       I'm for it if it creates more updraft at entry level. Also could be thought of as cross training. There should be a kind of exemption or tenure awarded to a select few, so there will be those highly specialized 30+ types mentioned above.
LoriZ, Jun 04 2010

       This idea differs little from the present set-up: only that the clock starts ticking when you're hired, rather than when you're born, and that the term limit is measured in years, rather than decades.   

       So, before I'd bun it, I'd want some argument why 8 years is better than, say, 40. There's a cost, as well as a benefit to high employee turnover -- so where, exactly, is the optimum? It's not obvious, and not likely to be the same in every business, or in every job.
mouseposture, Jun 04 2010

       Thanks [bungston], but the link's broken.
Something to do with the fact that it's a .jpg I think -- I had a similar problem, recently.
mouseposture, Jun 04 2010

       Nothing to do with the fact that it's a jpg, everything to do that it's six years old and the site has apparently been reorganized since then.
jutta, Jun 05 2010


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