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Single Use, Paying Mini-Jobs

Additional jobs whose difficulty and time requirements are in proportion to how much they pay.
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Need 20 bucks to buy that cool new shirt? Or maybe you want to see a movie but your broke... Why not take up a one time job? It couldn't require a lot of work to make just one dollar... so if that's all you need go right ahead. Maybe you need a little more than that... 10 dollars, well that will be a slightly more involved job but once your done with it you have your 10 dollars and there's no commitment. These little extra jobs can accomidate for those things you'll like to have but don't have the money to spare.
Tysenworld, Dec 14 2002

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       I'm not really getting what the idea/invention is here. Where is the salary/income charged for the job to come from?
my face your, Dec 14 2002

       yeah the odd jobs thing is basically what i was getting at, except with a slightly more law abiding sway:)
Tysenworld, Dec 14 2002

       What's not law abiding about odd jobs? Boy Scouts in Britain have had Odd Job Week since way before I was a Boy Scout. Waht you are calling for is Widely Baked, and hardly original.
DrCurry, Dec 14 2002

       There are well known street corners in most cities where you can wait for people to hire you for a day or an hour for unskilled labor. There are typically different streetcorners for different jobs. Don't expect to get a W-2 or to make more than minimum wage, if that.   

       Employers and employees both have a lot of reasons to prefer guaranteed continuity, so most labor doesn't fit this pattern.
egnor, Dec 14 2002

       These jobs are easy to find already. Just the other day at the airport, some guy who looked like a rich oil sheik offered me $5000 to take his suitcase to wherever I was going. I would have done it, but I'd already checked my bags.
Guncrazy, Dec 14 2002

       I like it, but then I've been out of work for a year. Croissant.
waxingpoetic, Dec 16 2002

       If I was building a business where business is unreliable, I'd want to outsource as much as possible.   

       It's true that physical odd jobs are largely a thing of the past. However, intellect is still in demand. Therefore, this idea wins my croissant.   

       What you need to make this work is a forum (marketplace) with a true and fair exchange of skills, information and analysis. Such a market must:   

       (1) Regulation
* regulate quality
* allow certification (or similar) of sellers
* anticipate, prevent and arbitrate disputes
* generally treat both buyer and seller equally

       (2) Introduction
* bring together buyers and sellers
* allow buyers and sellers to select each other
* be easily accessed worldwide (internet)

       (3) Facilitation
* involve negligible commissions and overhead

       (4) Scope
* be flexible (languages and file exchange)
* be flexible (pricing and deliverables)
* be confidential or public as agreed
* copyright buyer or seller to be agreed

       (5) Transaction Support
* allow negotiation between buyer and seller
* facilitate and guarantee timely payment
* allow trading of ideas and credit earned for answers

       I am aware that there are already a few services based on this premise, including Google Answers (links). However, as far as I know, there are no examples that truly satisfy all of the requirements of my ideal forum.   

       Perhaps, the programmers/owners of the Halfbakery will one day create my utopia. Certainly, all the necessary talent resides here.   

       In the meantime, Google Answers is a possible source of cash for Halfbakers with more time than money.
FloridaManatee, Mar 13 2003


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