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scifi the hb idea

Take your idea to sci fi so you get credit for it
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A friend of mine every now and then sends me links to ideas of mine that are baked years later. The last one was an Israeli company that recently created a thin "solar powered cooling cloth", which featured here on HB probably ten years ago.

I discussed it with him. Some of these I just didn't have the expertise to get off the ground, on others it was too much of an effort. And he gave me an idea: To write a memorable sci-fi movie with the idea featured in it That way you get the claim to fame, even though you didn't develop the idea and bring it to fruition.

Maybe it would be best to take the idea to professional screenplay writers to "ghost author" the movie. But perhaps an example of my own would give a boost to this idea, and thus help avoiding the bones from being Voiced by potential nay sayers. So here goes:

Background: I had thought about an app like MS One-note which was developed some years after I posted it on HB. The same happened with my back-panel phone control which Motorola created. I even spent money on advancing the idea with a prototype but failed to interest investors back in 2001 so posted it on HB. My idea for a clear face mask for Corona is sold on the web. My idea for a website to save information when Geocities or Google some day would stop being completely for free, sadly came true, both the prophecy and the remedy.

Here is a sample low-production-cost time-machineless sci-fi plot for those ideas, which, if I would have made would have helped me get the fame to claim.

The (Zionist) plot is set in International Jerusalem, Former Israel and the year is 2080. We are on a floating island city with a diving resort giving tours to "The city of david" which was flooded in the big iceberg meltdown 20 years ago.

Everybody seen in the movie wear clear corona masks with a small fan on them, and a bridge separating the nose from the mouth.

We watch the security officer closing her eyes and hear a voice-over saying:

GoogleSave: "OK pashute. Thank you for working with the Google Saver Implant, how can I help you today.

(The door opens and in walks her male assistant handing her a smoking tube of dry ice and an unidentified type of fruit.)

Jossie: (with a heavy Israeli accent) I brrot you yor Manna lanch. You esked for salty beef fruit rright?

Jannet: (opens eyes, replies with a heavy Palestinian Arabic accent) Yes. I was just about to check the Al Aqsa brayer schedules, so we can take the Jewish team down to the Wailing Wall dive. But my implant is acting strange today. I'll ask the ants to get the info from the center.

(they both look towards the corner of the room. the camera focuses on the entrance to the ant hole and enters in, watching the ants at work where several of them stop abruptly and look up. Bob Marley and the Wallers Waillers is heard in the background).

(Jossie holds up a tablet and puts his fingers behind it, which are shown on the front panel as mostly transparent and starts moving up and down, which quickly constructs what he is saying. His voice is heard as he types, but he is not moving his lips. It sounds completely natural)

Jossie: OK here's the image. I'm taking you there.

Jannet: (talking regularly) I see it.

(cut to the image, we are out in the city, which looks more like a tropical jungle. Ants are seen communicating with sparrows and sparrows tweets are heard, the ants are seemingly responding between themselves one with the other using there antennas )

Jossie: OK Alls clear. The Judeo-Muslim Atheists finished putting the Retalin in the water and we can proceed with the dive.

(cut to the Wailing Wall dive hole. It's the women's section, and the tour guide is explaining)

Guide: That there is the giant compass made by Yaakov Agam in 2023. We all hold hands in a large circle. Jews face the east, Muslims face the south. We have a tree hop to Mecca later on after lunch, which we'll eat after the dive.

(Tourists all wearing burkas take off the clear masks putting on their diving gear)

Guide: The hole to the sea is kept very small for security reasons. As you know ever since the International Calming Agreement and especially after the Atheist Interfaith Treaty we have complete separation between men and women. Boys under the age of 13 are allowed, and I see that several mothers brought their children along. Remember to keep them under the solar cooling cloth over there. The one here does not cool properly and is only giving shade, which since two years ago is not enough over here, even though we have the forest planted on our island...

(eerie music, we cut back to the security office) Jannet: (with mouth full) Deed you hear on de goodnews today? They said that there eez a group of Immamorabbis thet claim thet eating meat vegetables eez not moral and therefor not koshar.

Jossie: Ha ha.

(but to her horror Jannet hears her implant...)

GoogleSave implant: "Jossie's laughter is fake".

to be completed in the other half bakery.

pashute, Nov 18 2021

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       Dibs on the "making of" documentary.   

       I mean, on the *idea* of making a "making of" documentary of precisely this film
pertinax, Nov 18 2021

       //the other half bakery// Hey! You're not meant to mention that on here!
pocmloc, Nov 18 2021

       No no, it's OK; you're not allowed to mention *here* over *there*.
pertinax, Nov 18 2021

       // the *idea* of making a "making of" documentary//

Has anyone ever made a "making of" documentary of someone making a "making of" documentary?
hippo, Nov 18 2021

       Probably not, but I propose a documentary film called "the idea" which documents and follows in real time an un-named halfbaker developing and posting the idea of making a "making of "making of"" documentary. The twist in the plot is that the film she is posting an idea about making a documentary of the making of documentary of, is the one you are currently watching. Sub plots would include making two cups of coffee, letting one go cold, and trying to reheat it in the microwave, repeatedly using a slide rule to calculate how long to set the timer for so that the handle faces the door on the ping (and opening the door to find the handle at a slight angle, hence the repeats), as well as pressing the "random" button and giggling at the idea displyed (off-camera) on the screen.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2021

       This is a great idea!
However, since we have "WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR", if hb ideas are in a movie, & the movie things are on the hb, we could get a self-referencing loop & the universe (or at least the internet) might implode.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 18 2021

       Hmmm - having one of your ideas lead to the end of the universe could be embarrassing
hippo, Nov 18 2021

       sp. Tralfamadorian   

       Carry on.
pertinax, Nov 23 2021

       "One thing I've found out, over the years, is that, anytime you think that you were the originator of some new idea, ' I was the first to do that, ' you'll find some old fellow who did it around 1895. Every darn time. " Edward Hamilton, 1904 - 1977, in "The Space Opera Renaissance", TOR Books, 2006
normzone, Dec 13 2021


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