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Quotidian Restaurant

An everyday restaurant for busy health conscious people
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The Quotidian Restaurant is a modernization of the older eating clubs. It's a restaurant that is made for busy urban people too busy to cook (or maintain a kitchen) and are still health conscious. People would be attracted by features like:

* Tables built to eat alone and work at.
* A book locker for storing reading materials or other comforts
* Customized menus with a computerized nutrient tracking system, so meals can be tailored for individuals
* Lower costs due to a subscription system

This is similar to existing private clubs, but built without the clubby, exclusionist ideal that tends to prevail there.

tspyz, May 01 2002


       The only problem might be "busy urban people too busy to cook" would be the same who want a "clubby, exclusionist ideal".
phoenix, May 01 2002

       Not entirely taken by this. Seems more sketchy than your previous ideas. Whats with the reataurant/eatery theme?
[ sctld ], May 01 2002

       This strikes me as baked, apart from the angle of marketing it to urban professionals.
pottedstu, May 01 2002


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