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sir-Lights-a-lot Lantern

Lantern light goes everywhere!
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Light Pours everywhere by use of many concave lenses. Looks like a cube, but caved in at the middle of each side. Bulb is in the middle. never be scared again in a lonely dark woods. Make every thing light! Bound to get people yelling at you to "turn off dag light" . O.K. its not that intersesting, but vote for me anyway!
Rob2, Sep 03 2000

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       Why is this better than an ordinary lantern?
egnor, Sep 03 2000

       A little incoherent, but I think what he's saying is that instead of a plain lantern that has just plain glass on the sides, it's got a lens on each side. 'Caved in' indicates a concave lens, which focuses the light instead of scattering it, so you'd end up with a bunch of small points instead of a field of light...I don't really know what he's trying to do here...
StarChaser, Sep 04 2000

       Concave lenses scatter light. Convex lenses focus it. I'm not sure how much more "scattered" light can get than the way it initially comes from a light bulb (i.e. radiating in all directions), though.
egnor, Sep 05 2000

       <StarChaser swats his typist> Brane leek...You're right...I dunno either, but now I'm intrigued...wish I had one of these lenses...
StarChaser, Sep 06 2000


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