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spoonful of cut glass

crystalize the instant coffe as the sharp shiny crystals
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I noticed, in the cheap instant coffee, there are some rare crystals of the instant powder that have sharp, glassy attributes.

I assume that, in the manufacture conditions of the instant powder, there are a subset of conditions that produce these other crystals. How about changing the conditions to produce the coffee powder as all of these crystals. A glassy heaped teaspoon, caffeine hit.

There is probably going to be problems with dissolving speed so won't be for the boil, splash and dash market. This could possibly made into cubes for hotel breakfast tables next to the hot water jug.

One lump or two? Just another tiny choice on the path to the point of infinite choice.

wjt, Sep 26 2021

Instant coffee powder vs crystals https://www.wakacof...-powder-vs-crystals
powder is from “spray drying” - crystals freeze dried. [a1, Sep 26 2021]

Instant coffee cubes https://www.amazon....6-A727-74E66E267FEF
Jiva - one brand, flavoured/sweetened abominations [a1, Sep 26 2021]

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       Freeze drying, see link.
a1, Sep 26 2021

       Good catch, [a1]
pertinax, Sep 26 2021

       Freeze dried instant coffee cubes also exist (link). Not much of a “cut glass” look though.
a1, Sep 26 2021

       So the small number shiny crystals must be a subset of that freezing process, too many water molecules, crystallized on a spray nozzle, as none of the coffee substances shown have a glassy substance. Probably not the desired so chosen against, but could be.   

       Chucking another variable at it, I wonder, if spray drying in a strong, cold, magnetic field would make glassy crystal caffeine. Good to drink but Xray quality.
wjt, Sep 29 2021

       I've noticed a fine powdery sediment (as found when you make fresh coffee the way I do, but somewhat finer & a lot less of it) in some brands of instant coffee of late that didn't use to be there before, I'm guessing they're throwing a little bit of ordinary ground coffee bean in with the instant product for flavour or something, might your little glassy bits be anything to do with that?
Skewed, Sep 29 2021

       ^Don't imagine so. The glassy bits seem to be still instant coffee, a bit like the difference between Obsidian and Granite.
wjt, Oct 10 2021

       Cuppa rocks, anyone?
Edie, Oct 14 2021


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