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sputnik tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament shaped like the first artificial satellite
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Now that the cold war is over, let's relax a little and celebrate humanity's space travel achievements with this charming 1:10 replica. Beeps optional.
jutta, Jan 10 2001

(?) Resistance is Futile http://billbam.site...am/borcuborlig.html
Because nothing says 'Holidays' like assimilation. [blahginger, Jan 10 2001]

Hallmark Star Wars ornaments http://www.rebelscum.com/hallmark.asp
One of these? [jutta, Jan 10 2001]

Cow Parade http://www.funtocol...m/cowsonparade.html
Interesting cows! Mooo!! [delmar12920, Jun 30 2002]

Model http://www.aviapres...wonekit.htm?AER-016
This looks like a model of the Sputnik rocket, rather than the orbiter [hippo, Jul 01 2002]

(?) Model http://members.aol....ings/SputnikToo.GIF
Make your own Sputnik orbiter out of a styrofoam ball and some dowels [hippo, Jul 01 2002]


       Go for the Mir version. One that doesn't need taken down, it just decays and eventually falls to earth.
Kettch, Jan 11 2001

       Cool. I know people who would go for a whole set of space and astronomy ornaments. They wouldn't both waiting for a tree, though.   

       Actually, the already-popular rounded ornaments that have a concavity on one side resemble a Vostok/Voskhod with the hatch blown.
centauri, Jan 11 2001

       Several series of Hallmark Anglo-American-oriented space ornaments already exist -- for example, Star Wars, Star Trek, and NASA (including Apollo 11 moon buggy and astronaut) -- but so far no Long March booster (though the ornaments are made in China) and no festive red-star-adorned USSR capsules. (Oh, wait, the red star didn't mean Christmas, did it...? Never mind...).
whatsbruin, Sep 02 2001

       [+] <seasonal churn>
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009

       Spy satellites to watch over the Christmas presents under the tree would be good too. (How coincidental... I was going to post "Spy Baubles" as a new idea later this week, but this is as good a place to leave it) [+]
xenzag, Dec 18 2009

       The Sputnik ornament should circle the base, while a moon with LEM sits atop the tree.   

       Who said the Cold War is over?
phoenix, Dec 18 2009


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