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Waterfall Climbing

Water rushing like silk
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Climbing walls are a great thing - plenty of exercise, the thrill of the climb, the sense of accomplishment. But after a while, you want more challenge - and what better way then to add another element to the mix?

Waterfalls are a thing of beauty, water pouring down, throwing reflections around, splashing water everywhere Every time I look at one, I wish I could climb up that wall of water, and stand at the top, looking down at it beneath my feet as it thunders down.

The sense of vertigo is part of the allure to climbing walls. Having water rush past you down would increase this sense. The slippery handholds would present an even greater challenge, or special grippy gloves for the less-experienced. The rushing water would cool down the climbers.

And at the top, you can stand and gaze down the length and breadth of your domain, and be satisfied.

DesertFox, Sep 27 2007


       Does it have to be water? I quite like the idea of continuously falling fine sand, for some reason. Anyway [+], even though I think this is done already by extreme climbers.
xenzag, Sep 27 2007

       Lots of hits for this if you just Goggle "Waterfall climbing".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2007

       Hi [DF]. Long time.
Texticle, Sep 28 2007

       [xenzag], sandy hands are almost as bad as wet hands for rock-climbing (although it's easier to brush sand off than dry a wet/sweaty hand).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 28 2007

       Or maybe elemental climbing?   

       From the bit in your description '- and what better way then to add another element to the mix?'   

       Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood. Choose your own or just go the mixed bag!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007


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