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the ticker tape

another idea for SW trains
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since those like me who travel on South West trains to central London work mainly in the city and in finacial environment, i suggest this. i would like to install on of those old fashiones ticker tape machines that used to print out the values of shares on a long strip of paper (making a sound similar to telegraph). But this machine would be printing out people's thoughts. yes a thought machine. You would record your "thought of the day" by typing it on an old fashioned typewriter on the same carriage as the ticker tape, and a pre-programmed laptop would delay the actual printing of your thought of say 5 mins and them relay the info to the ticker tape. You could then see what your thought was or just take with you another person's thought on the printed tape. Hopefully it could turn the nasty commuting environment into something more interesting
janet2, Nov 25 2003

ticker tape http://www.stocktickercompany.com/
see one ticker tape [janet2, Oct 04 2004]


       <slightly off topic>anyone been to the science museum in London recently? there is a wall that covers all (5?) floors with electronic messages zapping back and forth along and bumping into each other on what looks a bit like a gigantic tube map. the messages are written by visitors on the ground floor. fascinating! </slightly off topic>
po, Nov 25 2003

       500 messages all saying "This train is sooooo slow and dirty". Still, reading this is better than trying to read the guy in front's laptop screen for hours, only to find it is the most boring memo ever about new procedures for issuing pre-printed memo stationary over the Christmas holiday period!
dobtabulous, Nov 25 2003

       Sheesh. Does nobody else but me ever take a book?
squeak, Nov 25 2003


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