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twisted movie of the book

make a movie from proper meaning of the authors words , surprise reader
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There was a case, on one of those daytime law ruling television programmes, where the defendant was hit by a hammer. As the truth was unfolded, the strike turned out to be a prod from the handle of a hammer, a world away from being struck, as a normal person would think, by a hammer.

So taking this idea to the extreme, could a book be written in such a way as to be readable in the normal sense but have hidden meaning. Some of the words would be obviously ambiguous and others would look closed to interpretation. The book itself could stand in it's own right.

A movie made of the book. which Itself could stand alone, would totally surprise and undermine the meaning of the book. It would be the complexity of bringing together the two medias in the mind that would truly astound. [Flying Toaster] sort of did the opposite with his idea.

Ultimately, the book phasing would have to leave out key facts or points or heavily rely on word play to allow wiggle room for the movie to play out as another plot. The book and movie would be produced together with the book selling first. The book probably would work post movie as the movie sets a plot in the mind and the book infers another. Hopefully, a nuance of 'I liked the book better' would be needed.

Going to the movie, better have read the book.

wjt, Oct 24 2020

Convertible movie Convertible_20Movie
[Flying Toaster]'s idea in genre [wjt, Oct 24 2020]

The Jones Plantation https://duckduckgo....h%3Fv%3Dvb8Rj5xkDPk
Kind of the reverse of this idea. [spidermother, Nov 07 2020]


       The more context, the less ambiguity.   

       To put it another way, this idea is a bit like trying to scale up quantum effects.
pertinax, Oct 25 2020

       True that, The book is going to be like a series of interrelated magic tricks in the medium of words.
wjt, Oct 25 2020

       "Could something be created?" is not an idea, it's a question. e.g. "Could a bicycle be invented that had no wheels and therefore never got a flat tyre, yet was still pedaled along on the ordinary roads?" If the author of the idea could construct a short paragraph of as an example, then there is more of a halfbaked idea to embrace.
xenzag, Oct 25 2020

       The opening words of the Hebrew Bible may be read and understood as follows:   

       In the head it will be cleared to the sea that you are my name! Whateth are you? Upon his land it will be said: God of the Sea, Jah of the Nile.   

       BeRosh Yitbara El Hayam Ata Shmi! Moo Ata? Artso Yeamer El Hayam Yah Yeor.   

       The word G-d: (actually meaning Gods) Elohim can be read El Hayam which could mean the sea god or could mean to the sea.
pashute, Oct 25 2020

       //"Could something be created?"//   

       I did give an example of the ambiguity of a common saying and the meaning evoked, compared to the true reality.So the prototype subunit is a reality, amassing a complete book is. of course, a question of those more literally skilled.
wjt, Oct 27 2020

       So when books spend paragraphs describing a character's thoughts, what exactly do the actors do? Stand around looking pensive for that time?
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2020

       Mary art films have portrayed a metaphor scene. Animation works have used personification. By blending animation and real life, the only limit* is imagining equipment.   

       *maybe money
wjt, Oct 28 2020

       How about a bicycle with one thin tank-like tread? Not only would it be a smoother ride and immune to tire punctures, but the tread could be switched out for a flotation device for a perilous ride on the lake.
Voice, Oct 28 2020

       But since it lacks vowels, Hebrew can be open to multiple interpretations, hence the problems of interpreting very early texts reliably without niqqud. At least it's an alphabet, unlike cuneiform.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2020

       I would have though God's words would have the complete scope but filtered through the human mind, I doubt it is complete.   

       There is always another mountain range to cross to get a wider insight.
wjt, Nov 01 2020

       But mostly it's just a matter of seeing, as the Duke of Wellington put it, "the other side of the hill" ...
8th of 7, Nov 01 2020

       The obvious genre that has a hidden meaning is satire; so for example, you could make a serious costume drama set in 18th century France and England that displays precisely the historical events alluded to in Gulliver's Travels. Sort of like satire with the skin off.
spidermother, Nov 07 2020


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