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two flavors one can!

untwist one side take a drink untwist the other and get a whole different flavor
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Ever wanted more bang for your buck? How about a 24 oz. bottle that has a split down the middle of the inside off the can, then on the top it forks of into a devil horn like way where you can twist of either cap.

A can version would be drink one side turn it upside down and open the bottom for another flavor.

I would start drinking soda again if this was made.

seventhinline, Jul 28 2005

here you go http://www.neilphillips.com/coketwo.jpg
apols for the dodgy photoshop. with a different tab design (the old one) you could probably get up to 6 flavours. [neilp, Jul 29 2005]

Ice lollies for moPuddin _27Pure_27_20Ice_20Lollys
Blatent plug [Loris, Jul 31 2005]

Alternative for hot beverages Two_20Cups_20Of_20Coffee
[Loris, Jul 31 2005]

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       Sounds a bit like those lollies you get that are one flavour one side, other flavour the other side. Still, this would be interesting to taste: Bun.
froglet, Jul 28 2005

       7, stick up an illustration, there's a dear.
po, Jul 28 2005

       I think the idea is good but if top side/bottom side of a can but i think like the bottle it should be split in half,left side sprite right side er... diet sprite. This way you dont spill your drink trying to taste the second flavor... although you could just wait till you finish one side... I'm new , ignore me. +
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       Well noted. (Just kidding). Your idea for the can seems like an improvement as turning a can upside down would have unfortunate consequances for your shoes. I would also like it if you could somehow remove the divider and taste the drinks combined.
hidden truths, Jul 29 2005

       Anyone can blend two drinks... the self serve center at mcdonalds anyone?....consequances?
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       why not just have it in the plastic bottle with the twist off caps...no spillage! also, hidden i like the word consequances much better than consequences. I think we should use the first one from now on.
goober, Jul 29 2005

bristolz, Jul 29 2005

       Sorry, goober, I took out the "What the hell are you drinking?" note before I saw yours.   

       This idea is extremely bad for many reasons. For instance, the soda manufacturers will probably never cooperate with each other, and you will never be able to get two different brands in one container. Also, the split bottle would be very hard to build and cost more money. Third, the soda sellers would have to stock all the possible combinations of flavors, which would cost even more money.   

       Mostly, though, there is an alternative easily available--buy two bottles of soda and place them side by side. Which, when you think about it, few people bother to do, so there probably is no interest in flavor-alternating. Try it a few times and see if you really like it, eh? Mixed flavors, yes, kids do that. Switching flavors?   

       This idea is also very poorly written. And spelled. And thought out. And conceived. And received.
baconbrain, Jul 29 2005

       good points bacon but...   

       1. Coca cola does own most of the soda industry... last time i checked sprite had the coca cola corporation logo on the bottle   

       2.coca cola could feature a can of original and lime or diet or vanilla . simple adjustment, just fill both sides with coke and add the extract needed   

       3.hard to build? just bust another hole on the other side and put a slab of metal down the middle   

       Simple solution:Dr. pepper + Mr. pibb + duct tape = <3
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       //3.hard to build? just bust another hole on the other side and put a slab of metal down the middle// Oh, my, you just made an engineer spit coffee all over his desk.   

       Simple solution: two bottles.
baconbrain, Jul 29 2005

       ok point taken but point #1 and #2 were informative...right?
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       No, I knew the soda monopolies fairly well. My college only stocks Pepsi products although all the students want Coke products.   

       #2 : That's not how a bottling line works. Any two Coke products could be packaged in the same split bottle.   

       "Oooo, Coke with lime *and* Coke without lime! You gotta try this! Whatta rush! Oooohhh, the colors . . . No, man, take a hit of the plain shit first, then chug the lime. Yeah, yeah, YEAH! Ralph."
baconbrain, Jul 29 2005

       hahahaha...you said ralph.
goober, Jul 29 2005

       So did you!
pooduck, Jul 29 2005

       i dont get it...
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       7's taste buds must have extremely short attention spans to become so jaded so easily. And this idea seems like it could be so needlessly expensive.   

       Here's a cheap alternative. Just locate the table in your nearest cafeteria where 3 or 4 of your friends are seated, each with their own unique soft drink of choice. Pull your handy "emergency-soft-drink-tasting straw" out of your pocket and sample some of each friend's beverage, and Viola! Your taste buds get the stimulation they crave, your thirst becomes quenched, and your valuable change stays in your pocket!   

       <Is that an emergency soft-drink tasting straw in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?>
Canuck, Jul 29 2005

       #1. Coca-Cola do not own most of the soft drink business. They are a huge operator in the market certainly.   

       #2. It's no monopoly. Last time I checked we all had free choice of which drinks to buy.   

       #3. Can manufacturing is a complicated game. It all sounds rather simple to whack a piece of metal down the middle and add an extra hole, but I fear that this will make it prohibitively expensive. And you're the one that pays ultimately and don't think you'll wish to.   

       #4. Can filling is also a complicated business. You're talking of filling the one can with two products which is also an expensive process. Why would you wish to pay extra?   

       In summary, buy two soft drinks if you want two flavours.
jonthegeologist, Jul 29 2005

       of course, the minute jontg says we can't have it, then I jolly well want it.
po, Jul 29 2005

       Can manufacturing is a complicated game, indeed. I've done many a talk on manufacturing techniques using a soda can as my only prop--I can even discuss metal-spinning.
baconbrain, Jul 29 2005

       [po] I'll have a word with someone!
jonthegeologist, Jul 29 2005

       welcome [Sudok] you seem to have got it just fine
dentworth, Jul 29 2005

       it's just a localised sodastream. (+).
neilp, Jul 29 2005

       consequenches is an appropriate neologism ... this idea otherwise foams out of scale to its tastefullness.
reensure, Jul 29 2005

       Two flavours of soda may not make much sense, but what about totally different beverages altogether? Need a quick caffeine burst and want to slake your thirst, try Coke & water. Not feeling well and you feel a cold coming on, try green tea & orange juice. What about the liquor industry? You can have your shot and chaser in one handy container.
Noexit, Jul 29 2005

       [Noexit] is on it. That is the killer app for this product. And yes, as an engineer I feel your pain, but sillier things have been done where there was a market. Remember Guinness, and the nitrogen capsule.
normzone, Jul 30 2005

       I would suggest that having two beverages in fastened side-by-side vessels with a pair of straws could allow for some interesting possibilities, especially if the combination of the beverages would otherwise not be stable.   

       For example, one could have a super-carbonated soda if one kept the syrup separate from the water until the user drank it. And while liability issues would be a concern, how about hot coffee with non-hot cream?
supercat, Jul 30 2005

       A supercat seen with an oxen, crossing. Getting suspicious.
blissmiss, Jul 30 2005

       I just remembered...I've seen glass bottles that contain two different tequilas...so this is almost baked.
normzone, Jul 30 2005

       norm. I drink Quervo. Often. And sometimes I think I see three different types of tequila, in the same bottle.   

       But oddly enough, when I wake up, two days later, alas, there is no bottle, nor tequila. Bastards.
blissmiss, Jul 30 2005

       Shit!, [bliss]!, the same thing happened to me!. Is there some form of global conspiracy?
gnomethang, Jul 30 2005

       Like I mentioned up there, it seems that it would be easier to have a double-sided plastic bottle with a twist off cap at both ends, rather than sticking metal down the middle of a can...maybe I should just post that as a separate idea, but there doesn't seem to be much support for this idea anyway.
goober, Jul 30 2005

       Goober, this idea is getting voted for, which may be the best way to judge support. I still think it's a silly idea, but I think that about television, coffee and beer, so what do I know? I know the two-chamber can would be an expensive pain to make, that's what I know.
baconbrain, Jul 30 2005

       Heh Heh Heh, snerk! [bb] what if you had two triangular "cans" and vacu-wrapped them together to make the final square 2 product "can"?
Zimmy, Jul 31 2005

       ooohh..on one side I can taste distilled water, and on the other, mineral water! An orgy!   

       Sorry, I don't drink anything fizzy or artificially caffeinated. mcdonalds and coke and pepsi can lick me.   

       Water, tea, juice, one container, screw top thankyewverymuch.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       Zimmy, a two-part square can might work, but it would still cost extra money to make.   

       If I wanted to sell two flavors together, I'd take two standard bottles or cans, and wrap them together with plastic shrink wrap as Zimmy suggests. Before wrapping, I would add a cardboard harness/clip to hold the bottles side-by-side, and fill the triangular pockets between bottles and the wrapper with a paper napkin, a couple of bendy-straws and a hand-wipe packet. The user could stick a bendy straw in each bottle, and would be able to drink from both containers at the same time, and to alternate between the two with a bit of tongue-work.   

       I saw an ad yesterday for ice cream cartons that hold two flavors--one for mom, one for the kids.
baconbrain, Jul 31 2005

       If I remember correctly, from an algebra test from a time long, long, ago, in a place far, far, away, ....   

       The current size & shape of a beverage can takes its being in part from ergonomics rather than from cost efficiency in production. I being insane & prone to vehomence at spewers of propoghandai, still wonder at the why of the idea. I now change my vote to nuetral.
Zimmy, Jul 31 2005

       I like the three-flavors ice cream, but sometimes I get neapolitan instead.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       Sounds good at first. But you have a tasty beverage on one side and another your not so fond of on the other side. 3 flavors of ice cream and you only eat the chocolate. People already have the choice when they shop.
Antegrity, Aug 01 2005


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