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vox populi

Fellow drivers control bad behaviour on roads.
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Drivers around you can send a signal to your vehicle which takes one mile per hour off the top speed of your vehicle.

If you are misbehaving in traffic and your vehicle receives enough signals from other vehicles, performance might become severly downgraded...

A record of "votes" received might be stored and tied to license renewal fees, toll charges, etc.

lock, Nov 19 2003

Car-Ma http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Car-Ma
Closely related idea by [Eeyore] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       And you think traffic is slow now...
Worldgineer, Nov 19 2003

       If you get enough fishbones on this idea, will it slow you from posting again?
luecke, Nov 19 2003

       Yeah. Sorry. I searched here first, but obviously badly. Car-Ma looks do-able more each year. Tks krelnik Lock
lock, Nov 19 2003

       It might be a while before taking a mile per hour off the top speed of many vehicles would have a noticeable effect on traffic. I have one that I have driven at over 130 MPH and have no idea what its top speed really is. Though, I rarely misbehave in traffic <cough, cough> so that shouldn't be an issue for me <cough, cough>.   

       If you mean reducing your top speed to 1 MPH less than your current speed, then it would probably be abused and I think a record of votes cast might also be valuable. There are those that would use this to try to slow you down just so they can get past you.
half, Nov 19 2003

       If this was used in Florida, there would be an awful lot of parked Cadillacs on the roads. They only drive at a few miles per hour as it is. Could the idea be reversed for Florida?
Klaatu, Nov 20 2003

       "That bl**dy car, just parked there without consideration for anyone else on the road. Press that button. Oh dang, he's started reversing, very slowly."   

       Sorry, I now have visions of really bad drivers hurtling backwards at incredibly high speeds.
PeterSilly, Nov 20 2003

       i vote bun cause the idea of f'ing with other drivers appeals to me greatly. Plus, I am sure my mechanic could fix my car so that the negative speed would not happen.
lizziepunkin, Nov 24 2003


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