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winning scratch cards

given as gifts
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they win what you paid (and a small fee of course).
po, Oct 08 2011


       haw [+]
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2011

       hee [+]
swimswim, Oct 08 2011

       If I get this right, you're proposing some method of identifying break-even winners for the purposes of giving gifts that won't disappoint? Noble, but completely illegal. Just give your mom a crisp new $1 bill for her birthday instead.
Alterother, Oct 08 2011

       I didn't get it, I swear.
4whom, Oct 08 2011

       Huh? They would not need to be cherry-picked break-even tickets from a real game, just gift cards that look like scratch-off game tickets.
swimswim, Oct 08 2011

       How, then, are they redeemable for the prize?
Alterother, Oct 08 2011

       They aren't. They get what you paid, minus a small fee, of course.   

       The problem is this. What kind of miserly, thoughtless, gobshite c*nt hands out these equally purile gifts. The kind (my paternal family excluded for reasons I don't/won't go into) that doesn't want you to win.   

       With this in mind the above idea is offered as a solution.
4whom, Oct 08 2011

       I get it now. I actually think I've seen this somewhere, but I'm not sure. Where I live, scratch tickets are common stocking-stuffers, so this might be a big hit. [+]
Alterother, Oct 08 2011

       Clever! [+] But they would have to be indistinguishable from standard scratch cards, while the vendors would have to be able to distinguish them (they'd come in differently-labeled boxes, say). So, the vendors would substitute standard cards for winning cards, then sell the winning cards to a confederate, or themselves, at the price of standard ones.   

       It seems a difficult scam to prevent: Since the recipient of the gift believes it to be a standard card, he/she notices nothing unusual, and the gift giver might never learn that the card didn't pay off.
mouseposture, Oct 08 2011

       <obligatory Charlie Sheen reference> Winning, Duhhh!</ocsr>
4whom, Oct 08 2011

       // But you could always drop the winnings by 20% so they would get 80% Gift Value guaranteed plus increased odds for a crack at a million. //   

       Now you're starting to think like a State Gaming Commission. Congratulations, you're a robot.
Alterother, Oct 08 2011

       I'll be waiting for mine +
blissmiss, Oct 08 2011

       // Just give your mum a crisp one dollar bill//   

       Seems a bit extravagant.
Ah Supp, Oct 09 2011

       oh come on, she deserves it.
po, Oct 15 2011

       I like it, but for younger viewers isn't this luddite bitcoin?   

       Would be good if there was some sort of artisan exchange element. Like if you were offering, I dunno, a ukelele composition, you'd get a slightly crappier one back.
notripe, May 10 2019


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