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wireless charge cover for phones

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A lot of phones for size reasons, have taken to removing the ability to swap batteries and making it all internal.

While there is a benifit to slimmer phones, the loss of swappable batteis is a real bummer.

However there is an opportunity to have the best of both worlds of slimness and swappable batteries. What if the phone comes with an external battery hidden inside a magnetic back cover, that could transfer power, either by wireless induction, or via magnetic connectors.

Having a bunch of these slim back covers would come in handy in long trips. Running out of power, just attach the back cover, and it will charge your phone while its in your pocket. Once its done, you can take it off to make it slimmer again.

mofosyne, Sep 21 2013

Wireless charging http://www.amazon.c...3I/ref=pd_sim_cps_1
[bs0u0155, Sep 24 2013]


       Eminently sensible.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2013

       Perhaps the back cover should BE the battery.
Vernon, Sep 22 2013

       //Eminently sensible//   

       THAT is why it will never be implemented.
Klaatu, Sep 22 2013

       Hang on. I googled, and found these things, at least for iPhones (and perhaps others) - try searching for "Mophie". They seem to be phone cases (essentially phone back-and-sides) which contain a battery.   

       They look very much like the idea proposed here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2013

       But how much microwave charge can a power cable hold?
ytk, Sep 25 2013

       I'd say it's dead certain that it wouldn't cause more BlackBerrys to be sold.
rcarty, Sep 26 2013


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