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Have you ever looked out at a beautiful snowy landscape like your backyard and had pleasant thoughts about life and how wonderfully perfect the world can be at times only to see some dumb kid destroy your perfect ladscape trudging across ruining everything.

That feeling of perfection tarnished is where this begins.

tissues are always so perfectly smooth, folded with precision, pure like unstepped on snow.

the perfection of tissues pleases me im sure that observation of tissues unspoiled pleases other people similarly.

I suspect that tissue perfection appeals to individuals with a tedious nature

The sight of wrinkled tissues on the other hand likely hurts greatly the feelings of those same individuals

seeing the perfection of a tissue spoiled as its crushed and jammed against a juicy nose or face to absorb various body slimes probably damages a great many people.

I propose tissues engineered to be entirely pre-wrinkled out of the box. Wrinklues

vfrackis, Aug 24 2014


       That's like not ironing your handkerchief.-
zeno, Aug 25 2014

       But knot wadded up and presoiled?
popbottle, Aug 25 2014

       Would it be a perfect ladette-scape,if it were a girl trudging across it?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 25 2014

       Not pre-soild   

       Wadded I'm in favor
vfrackis, Aug 25 2014

       Maybe they should shrink at body temperature too.
4and20, Aug 25 2014


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