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youUX new OS and app UX

open user experience allowing users to change it
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A new UX subsystem of the OS will allow not only programmers to program their UX, but also optionally to allow the users to easily change those settings, with no effort from the programmer (if the programmer allows it).

Of course the software can opt to disable this feature on part or all of their UX.

So, when your sick and tired of some UX feature that always gets in your way, just click on the youUX definitions and change them.

You want more undo's? - Why not? We let you do that.

Pressing the Ctrl+Backspace to delete because you have a defective keyboard? - No problem.

The Exit button asks you too many questions? Not anymore.

Right mouse button brings up too many options? You decide what comes up.

Like skinning and theme setting in web apps, and like the keyboard shortcut definitions in many applications, but still different from both of these: The new OS comes with a comprehensive control panel used by the users to change the app's behavior, and as a last resort, to change the look and feel of the app.

pashute, Sep 16 2014

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       I rarely dabble in GUI related programming, preferring the command line for the one-off solutions I'm usually involved in, but I imagine Qt/KDE, and/or Apple/Cocoa have already baked most of this in some disused XML-based abomination that uses 330 dynamically linked libraries. Actually now that I think about it, that pretty much describes what web browsers have become.
Spacecoyote, Sep 16 2014

       Well, at least it's not in...oh, wait a minute, it is.
normzone, Sep 16 2014

       And then there's youUK, the new and improved United Kingdom government app designed to give all users a better experience and prevent further breakaway movements towards independence. Don't like the way the House of Lords retains old blokes forever? Change that control setting...
RayfordSteele, Sep 16 2014

       I can't think of how this could possibly be implemented in a reasonable way. Either the users have to be able to modify the software the same way the developers do, or the developers have to include a way for the users to change *every single thing* about the program, which would probably be almost as technical. For that reason, kinda WIBNI, IMO.   

       Also, it would be a nightmare to provide support for such software, because you have no idea how the user who needs help has their software configured to work.   

       Also, most users would still be illiterate and have no idea that these options you're suggesting even exist, so they'd go mostly unused, so they're not likely worth the investment. The closest thing that exists currently (AFAIK) is the customizability of office apps (Microsoft Office in particular). You can set up custom toolbars that contain just the buttons you need to use, you can record or write macros to do tasks for you, etc. How many people use those features?
notexactly, Mar 10 2015


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