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Chopstick Fulcrum

Subtle but effective chopstick adaptor for learners
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Chopsticks are meant to be used with the bottom stick anchored in the crook of the thumb and against the ring finger and the top chopstick pivoting between the tip of the thumb and the 1st joint of the index finger. That's all well and good, unless you're trying to learn in a high-class restaurant in front of bemused senior business associates. Plastic learner tongs don't add much credibility at this point, either.

I suggest a pivoting device in bone and sterling silver that clips onto the chopsticks. It should be subtle enough that is doesn't attract attention, yet sophisticated enough not to attract derision if spotted.

FloridaManatee, Jul 30 2003


       Many places will wrap them together with rubber bands in order to achieve that fulcrum effect.
sartep, Jul 30 2003

       Ive seen this done with a spring so the chopsticks act like tweezers.
sufc, Jul 30 2003

       How about just using a rubber band to attach a fork to them?
DeathNinja, Jul 30 2003

       baked, if only I had known. Too many wedding receptions with too much fear. And I thought the only way out was to personally take care of the cognac.
now they tell me.
Zimmy, Jul 31 2003


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