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[Feb 02 2003]
(+1, -5) #1 Bird
(+8)(+8) Abandon-In-Place Shuttle
 Analog Files
(+2, -1) Artificial Fear
 Barrage Balloons for fun and profit
(+2) Better Lightguns
(-2) BFB (Big Frickin Bomb)
 Biodegradable, Spray-on Christmas Tights
(-1) Breaking Glass
(+4) Calorie Burning Implant
(+10)(+10) Cast Stone
(+2) Combat Clown
(+4, -2) Combat Tupperware
(+4, -1) Dial-a-Distraction
(+3) DingDongDamn
(+4, -6) Double-Action Shotgun
(+3) EL Wetsuits
(+1) End all tasks.
(-3) Explosive Coffee
(+2) Fart Combustion
 Gameboy State
 Glow-in-the-dark fireworks.
(+1, -3) Glowing GM Markers
(+1) Hoccer
(+1, -2) Hot Car mkII
(+1) Hybrid Rocket
(+10)(+10) Laser Railgun
(+1) McConquest
 Pennies from Heaven
(+4) Pennies IN Heaven
 Photovoltaic plants
 Rad-Proof Spaceship
(+3) Really Weird Monument
(+4, -1) Refugee Matching
 Reversible Siding
(+9, -2) Sailing Zeppelin
(+2) Scary Sword
(+4, -1) Science News Seal of Approval
(+4) Shrinking Clothes
(+7) Solarbrella
 Stop Taxing Government Employees
(+2) Survival Spear
(+1) The Big Party Party
(+2) The Offensive Incentive
(+2) Toast Day
 Van de Graaff Hat

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