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Combat Tupperware

No, not the Glock.....
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While plastic guns are neat (And sometimes dubbed various stupid things such as Combat Tupperware if you don't know) they don't really deserve this title. I propose that we load up the B52s with lots and lots of inexpensive houseware. We then drop this on unsuspecting Arab nations, who become rampant consumers just like us. They stop trying to kill us, and we can sell them junk to boot.
Madcat, Mar 25 2003

Fitted carpet bombing http://www.halfbake..._20carpet_20bombing
Maybe sam was looking for 8/7's consumer goods bombing. [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Well, if you really want to sell it the way it was intended, you'll need to hold Arabic Tupperware parties. In Arabic, of course.
Cedar Park, Mar 25 2003

       This is Avon calling... BOMB'S AWAY!
Freelancer, Mar 25 2003

       I remember a similar idea way back in 2001 after we started bombing afghanistan back to the stone age. I'll see if i can find a link.   

       *No luck. i remember it being about dropping washing machines and other consumer goods on afghanistan in the hope that they would become consumers. Never mind. +.*
sambwiches, Mar 25 2003

       [FarmerJohn] On second thought, I think that idea should have been named "Wallop to Wallop Carpet Bombing".
jurist, Mar 25 2003

       Damn!!! I was envisioning camouflage bowls, and cups with lids you burp.........
theThinker, Mar 25 2003

       Drop a zillion envelopes with bold type on the front reading, in the local language, "You have been pre-approved for the American Express Card..."
wgmcg, Mar 25 2003

       I think I have 1/2 a zillion to donate. Damn, no - recycled them.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       I think that's the one [FarmerJohn], but I can't use the link because my PC occasionally decides it isn't in the mood. If I see 'Internal Server Error' one more time this damn box is headed for the window.
sambwiches, Mar 25 2003

       I trust that dropping AOL CDs would be against the Geneva Convention?
DrCurry, Mar 25 2003

       Another idea the title of which I read as an imperative.
my face your, Mar 25 2003

       [DrCurry] It depends how hard you throw them.
friendlyfire, Mar 25 2003

Face lid twards emeny
Pull pin
Wait for microwave buzzer
Assess damage
Rinse, repeat
Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2003

       The British navy has fiber-glass hulled minesweepers, collectively known as HMS Tupperware.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 17 2004

       [m-f-d] bollocks.
etherman, Dec 17 2004

       what [etherman] said.
contracts, Dec 17 2004

       Etherman, you're just looking for places to use that [m-f-d]...   

       Checks help file, comes back disappointed. Hoped that, somehow, new [m-f-d] had been added to it.
david_scothern, Dec 17 2004

       //Etherman, you're just looking for places to use that [m-f-d]... //   

       And unfortunately I'm finding it particularly easy. I just go down <evilpickels> home page.
etherman, Dec 17 2004

       // [em] Don't pick on the kid - s/he could be one of your students //   

       yes... (thinks long and hard)... no still dont see why that would stop me ripping the piss out of him. It didn't today yesterday or anyother day.   

       Humiliating and shattering the dreams of hopelessly sentimental, idealistic children is one of the few joys left in this paper chase they call teaching. (and yes there are the holidays before you all jump at once)
etherman, Dec 17 2004


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