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forgvs a t g m a i l d o t c o m

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Sep 17 2013]
 A bounty on DNA
 Abdominal mouse pad
(+3) AIBO replacement
(+1) Another energy recovery system for the ICE
(+2) Around the world in a pure hot air balloon
(+1) Asteroid bomb
(+11)(+11) Bask in the Antarctic breeze
(+1) Better AC for cars
(+7) Bidet in a bottle
(+5, -4) Cetacean Terror Campaign
(+4, -1) Custom Multivitamin Pills
(+6) Cyborg Micro Aerial Vehicle
(+1) Diet Dialysis
(+1) Dream machine.
 Electric BBQ with a real flame
 Energy generating mat
(+4) Energy storage, upwards
 Fiber optic lighting for vehicles
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) Fridge Blimp
(+3) Hover Wipers
(+7) Improved Autothrottle
 Integral solar battery extender for PDAs
(+9)(+9) LED Emergency Signal Beacon
(+1) Mapped Car Accelerator
(+1) More efficient power stations in hot climates.
(+3, -2) Optical Disk Scanner To Cope With Media Obsolescence
(+9)(+9) Removing atmospheric CO2
(+2) Self-cleaning lint trap for your clothes dryer
(+4, -1) Silent door latch
(+1) Sound dampening bassinette
(+4) Sublimation engine for Mars
(+2) Teach a computer program to translate, for free.
(+5) Thermoelectric cooler for pocket camera CCD
(+5) USB memory stick RAID urchin
(+1) Waste Heat Recycling A/C For Cars

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