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[Dec 22 2003]
 Adhesive Smoke Screen
(+4) Ant Lamp Shade
(+1) anti-shark torpedo
(+2, -3) Automatic Chaperone Device
(+3, -1) CD with two recording media on it
 Collapsible Micrometeorite shields
(-1) Concussion reduction gel
 DEA ad Campaign
(-1) Depleted uranium rocket engine.
 double deception
 Endangered species fight back
(-4) Exploding Egg Toss Execution
(+2, -1) Flaming Paint Balls
 gatling gun fireworks launcher
(+2) Guerrilla Ferry Wedding
(+6, -1) insanely huge particle accelerator
(+1) International lemming rescue
(+2) Laser amplification using the sun's corona
(+3) Laser Fly Swatter
 Mach1 Theme park ride
 MSG detection strips
(+2, -1) National Water Infrastructure (National Rain Barrel)
(+1) Noise canceling toilet seat
(+3) Not for profit pharmaceutical company
(-1) On the road battery charging
 Personal High Rise escape kit
(-3) Pregnancy reduction program
(+4, -5) Reforming criminals by recycling garbage
(+3) Restaurant at the top of the world
(+8, -1) Self inflating breast implants
(+3) Stinkless Garbage can
(+1) Swarming Robot Satellites
(-1) Teflon Toothpaste
 Testing the Time Travel Fund
 The Explode O Phone
(+2) Tongue prints
(+2) Trash Bot
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) Upper and lower case numbers
 Washable cloth toilet tissue
(+4, -2) Wind suck

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