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double deception

A game show with in a game show
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A housefull of women that are competing against each other for something it doesn't matter what. The real show is that each contestant is really a man that has been told he is the only man in the house. That he must fool the other house guest in to believing he is a woman till the end of the game.
duroncrush, Nov 21 2005


       Mean spirited, but surely not any meaner han any existing survival show.   

       But I do think that the subjects would catch on pretty quickly. I imagine there are tricks of the trade, as it were, mannerisms, limitations, etc., that will clue the others in. Unless, of course, they are complete neophytes at transvesting, doing it only for the show.   

       And anyway, the whole thing will fall apart when they do the shower scene.   

       We do have a former transvestite here somewhere: I wonder if she has an opinion?
DrCurry, Nov 21 2005

       I love it! Of course, after the first season, the show's a bust, as everyone will then be "in" on the secret. But that first season is magic!
awesomest, Jul 30 2013

       //the show's a bust// wanna bet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013


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