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Mad Bureaucrat

Behind every Mad Scientist there stands a....
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Just as normal scientists have to deal with regular bureaucrats for their funding, mad scientists must deal with the Mad Bureaucrat.

He can provide the funding for your latest plan for world domination, but watch out! Cross him and he can tie up you and your henchmen in his powerful red tape for years on end.

Sidekick: Acrimonious Accountant

krelnik, Nov 16 2003

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Captain Bureaucracy(TM) is mentioned here. [DrBob, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "Look out! Our plans for World Domination are doomed! He's going to Schedule a Meeting! Aaaaargh!"
hippo, Nov 17 2003

       I know her. She's the general manager at the institute where I work.
madradish, Nov 17 2003

       //Behind every Mad Scientist there stands a....//   

       .... blackboard full of nonsensical equations.
dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003


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