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Social Feedback Questionnaire for the self-conscious

Find out what others think your main failings are the easy way.
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People often have no idea if they're conducting themselves in a socially acceptable way. The only thing to go on is the example set by other peoples behaviour, and how they react to your behaviour. The problem is, some people are so unobservant and tuned out that they won't pick up subtle signals from others that suggest they are behaving in an unacceptable way (example: invading your personal space). Most people are normally too polite to point out to another person their social failings even though it would probably help that person in the long run to know. To avoid this, a questionnaire could be drawn up - multiple choice probably, gauging such things as dress sense, intrusiveness, bad breath, etc. anything and everything. This questionnaire would be given out by a person and filled out by others who they have been socially involved with. They would be filled out anonomously and returned to a consultant who would digest the results and advise their client on how to modify their social behaviour. The only thing to get over would be the embarrassment of giving all your friends such a questionnaire to fill in.
stupop, Aug 08 2001

Alternative: Anonymous Message Services http://directory.go...Anonymous_Messages/
There's a whole small industry living off people's inability to talk openly about body odor, etc. Since the people who need a hint are unlikely to ask for it, something initiated by the offended party might really be more viable. [jutta, Aug 08 2001]


       Have a web page, or a 1-800 (toll free) number like those "How's my driving" numbers on trucks (lorries).
protean, Aug 08 2001

       that's even better! I guess it's a bit like those people who send their picture in to amihotornot.com
stupop, Aug 08 2001

       [waugsqueke] Ah, the sweet irony as I mark you down as a 10 in 'Conceitedness' and a 0 in 'Empathy'. hehhehheh
phoenix, Aug 08 2001

       There was a woman I worked with a few years ago - She was a former 'Voice of America' in her native Hungary. Nice lady, She certainly loved to drink 'Cafe Americain'. Good God, nothing worked in the hint realm for her to do something about that stench that exited her mouth. "I'm going to the candy store, want any MINTS, Marta"? 'No'. "Say, how about a nice refreshing stick of doublemint gum"? 'No' "Candy Cane, anyone"? 'Sure, sure, sure, thank you' said everyone else in hopeless anticipation as we all waited with baited (though not as baited as her) breath, as she said 'No'.
thumbwax, Aug 09 2001

       Hey, I sent my picture to hotornot. It's rather like issuing stock in one's own person. Today I watched it go up 1 point, and then down half a point. Thrills and chills.
protean, Aug 09 2001

       I reckon that your 'personality' is the sum total of what other people perceive it to be as a result of your actions & reactions rather than what you believe it to be yourself. It might be an interesting way of discovering what sort of personality you have.
stupop, Aug 09 2001


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