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Name flashcards

Pictures of folks you don't know well
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If you are a computer geek with no social skills, you've probably encountered a continuous situation where you have to remember a lot of people's names, and don't.

I propose you take people's pictures with a digital camera when you meet them, write down their name, and then either print the pictures, or upload them to your computer, so you can look at the picture and try to recall their name. Do this every time you check your email, and you will gain friends and influence.
lawpoop, Oct 19 2003


       "a computer geek with no social skills" ? Oh, no, there's *no-one* here like that...
DrCurry, Oct 19 2003

       The obvious next step is to have a necklace-mounted camera system and a bluetooth earpiece. The camera would identify the person and the earpiece would whisper their name to you. The same camera could be used for learning new peoples' face and name (soundbite). Hopefully the camera system could be made fairly small and discreet, ie smaller than a laptop with duct-taped handycam.
benjamin, Oct 20 2003

       [Finding a beaten man in his closet.]
[lawpoop]: Who did this to you?
Dodd: You did.
po, Oct 20 2003

       [po] excellent momento reference. never understood why he didn't use a dictaphone ... or just had the one tattoo saying "listen to dictaphone", just in case he forgot.   

       anyhoos... not a dreadful idea this but personally I'd be a little worried if a perfect stranger said "let me take your photo for my collection, please". Might just have to find a subtle way of doing it? What about outlook express books with photos?
jonthegeologist, Oct 20 2003

       Well, the idea is that you don't start memorizing the names of perfect strangers, but if you're at a social event where you are being introduced, or introducing yourself to a lot of people who you should know by name in the future, this would be a good idea, and it wouldn't be to weird to ask to take a photo then.   

       Also, you might get photos from an alternate method, such as a company website or something like that. Or ask the person that introduced you if they have any photos of the person.
lawpoop, Oct 20 2003

       At your next social occassion, you could carry around a big pack of those "Hello My Name Is" stickers. Everyone you meet gets one, filled out by you.
Cedar Park, Oct 21 2003

       I think it would be rather satisfying to carry an official looking ID card around your neck on a chain. Whenever somebody asks your name for the first time, you hold up the card and say your name in an official manner. If they ask for it a second time later on, having forgotten it, hold up the card with a disgusted expression.   

       I guess I'm the guy who's name you _really_ want to remember. So you can report me to the loony ward, if nothing else.
Eugene, Oct 21 2003

       //Or ask the person that introduced you if they have any photos of the person.//   

       What if I forget to ask them for a picture of their friend or worse forget their name, too? Then I have to go around asking everybody for pictures of everybody else. Why don't I just write down the name of each new person and a few brief comments on their general appearance and demeanor. I can do this while they are holding out their hand and feeling awkward.
k_sra, Oct 21 2003

       What a waste of time. Just call everybody you meet "mate", "chief", "pal", "chum" etc. I've been getting away with it for years now!   

       I suspect you only forget the names of those people you meet who are not interesting enough to be worthy of remembering. This is clearly their problem not yours. The social embarrassment you may feel on meeting them again and not knowing their names is of no consequence in the wider scheme of things - and nothing is less endearing than the feigned friendliness of the greasy salesperson who deliberately reuses your name at every opportunity as if their ability to remember it should afford them some special status in your eyes.   

       In short - if you really are a computer geek with no social skills, then stick with your real best friend - the loyal and faithful computer who never answers back and doesn't need a name (although mine's called Basil).
dobtabulous, Oct 21 2003


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