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Canned Near Death Experience

It does exactly what it says on the can.
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You activate the on-use can and it's internal device gives the holder a near death experience. The user's whole life flashes before their eyes. However the user might be incapacitated for a while due to the shock needed to induce the near death experience.

Useful for amnesiacs, depressed people who have had a happy life and people writing their autobiography.

Aristotle, Jul 26 2001

(?) http://www.brizcomm.com.au/readerswrite/column.asp?columnID=106 http://www.thenetwits.com/columns/koo/319
Hmm, maybe this is baked. [Aristotle, Jul 26 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Baked http://www.lycaeum....ine_near-death.html
Use Ketamine to induce a NDE [-alx, Jul 26 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       The can contains an internal device instead of food and comes in a can shape for ease of retail. The most basic form would be a large shock and/or ultrasonics conducted by contact with the can.
Aristotle, Jul 26 2001

       Sorry... but what the hell are you on about?? Are you on drugs?? Can I have some?
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       The problem with current near death experiences is that you need to be convinced you are going to die before you get them. This device would convince your system this was going to happen without you having to place yourself in peril.   

       The aim is to make your whole life flash before your eyes in a manner cheaper than commissioning someone to invite you on "This is your Life" ...
Aristotle, Jul 26 2001

       Near death experiences can be induced by taking popular horse anaesthetic Ketamine. See link.
-alx, Jul 26 2001

       I think it's baked. Just like I read the title slightly wrong - my friends and I have had plenty of Caned near death experiences. Well, we thought so at the time.
lewisgirl, Jul 26 2001

       There are two movies that come to mind. First is "Flatliners", second is "Brainstorm".   

       Flatliners features some college kids trying to kill themselves, but not quite, so they can come back to tell about it.   

       Brainstorm features a brain-wave recorder/playback machine, and somebody happens to die (unrelated heart attack) while using the machine. So there is this recording of an actual death experience, that can be played back....   

       I had an idea or two of my own along these lines. Consider the science-fictional thing known as Suspended Animation. If your body is STOPPED, for later re-starting, wouldn't that technically count as being dead? So, once Suspended Animation is invented, anyone can have a Near Death Experience!   

       Which reminds me, I need to write up a description of practical suspended animation, and post it.
Vernon, Jul 26 2001

       Let's see... chicken, cream of mushroom, tomato, near death experience, minestrone... I would love to see that just for the amusement value.
badoingdoing, Jul 26 2001

       since when do near death experiences make your life flash before your eyes?
technobadger, Jul 26 2001

       Vernon: Brainstorm was an inspiration for this idea as I seem to recall that it included the dying person's life flashing before her eyes in the recording of her death. Another one was a Buffy moment where Xander says: "I just saw my whole life flash before my eyes. I gotta get me a life!"   

       badoingdoing: Putting it in a can actually would be a risk as some feeling peckish could get rather a rude suprise. However it's such a convenient format ...
Aristotle, Jul 26 2001


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