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I Jeng

Admittedly, this method of fortune-telling is totally blocks.
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The I Jeng is a set of 64 Jenga pieces. Each has a hexagram from the I Ching on one side of it.

Turn the pieces face-down, shuffle them around, and build a Jenga tower. (Jenga towers have 54 pieces, so just put the remaining 10 aside.)

Then play Jenga.

When you collapse the tower, look at the hexagram on the underside of the piece you've just removed.

By careful interpretation of the hexagram, and the way in which the tower fell, you can gain insight into the likely cause of your next major disaster or minor cock-up.

imaginality, Jan 03 2008

I Ching http://members.aol....0908/i_whatisit.htm
A hexcellent introduction [imaginality, Jan 03 2008]

Jenga http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenga
It's Swahili for 'Build!' [imaginality, Jan 03 2008]


       Bravo! I like this one a lot.   

       My friends and I used to play one-touch speed Jenga when I was a young and reckless youth, where you have to go for the first block you touch, and then remove it as swiftly as possible. Yeah, we lived on the edge in those days. Indeedy.
lostdog, Jan 03 2008


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