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Check Your Freakin' Privilege

On Your Phone
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Humans love to lecture other humans -- you may have noticed this, especially if you're the one being lectured. Perhaps it's because you're a child and have to listen to your parents or teachers go on about don't do this or don't do that. Perhaps it's because despite your obvious gifts you're not the boss of this, or any situation. And you're sick and tired of this lecturing -- get better grades, get a job, work harder, since it appears to purely be designed to make the lecturer feel better about themselves -- fuck these people who've had everything handed on a plate.

You've heard about this "privilege" thing but don't really know how to use it -- it seems hard to claim it as you're sipping Pinot Noir and the rude serving person from Guatemala just won't stop by and take your appetizer order.

Well, fear no more. With our brand new app, it's as easy as tapping the screen -- all of your lunch or dinner companions already have their phones out anyway! The app will quickly display the privilege order at the table, so everyone can generate just the proper note of outrage at everyone else's undeserved success.

theircompetitor, Feb 26 2016

App that splits dinner bill based on income inequality http://www.kshb.com...n-wage-inequality-1
[theircompetitor, Feb 26 2016]

How Privileged Are You? http://i1.kym-cdn.c...000/423/405/bb2.png
[LimpNotes, Feb 28 2016]

Wong Kei https://www.tripadv...London_England.html
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 29 2016]

Ed Debevic's Rude Waitstaff https://www.youtube...watch?v=KJpwF7Nc3dk
[LimpNotes, Feb 29 2016]

First link's app has a much cleverer name now https://www.metrone...ng-to-wage-gap.html
[notexactly, Mar 17 2016]


       Love it, though often people figure out the pecking order of a group without needing an app.
lepton, Feb 27 2016

       AKA: Flex Your Freakin' Privilege.
LimpNotes, Feb 28 2016

       "Uhhh, not my table, sorry. (You scum, you do not deserve my perfect service and attention for your meal. You cheap son of a bitch. Go away, sit somewhere else. Let somebody else work their ass off for mere pennies. You tip like shit and you smell like shit. You ain't getting no food from me. I see how you are, I've got a phone too, you sorry bastard.")
blissmiss, Feb 28 2016

       ^ Ahh, the Wong Kei in better days. Management change means waiters are on mildly abusive, which kind of ruins the experience.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 29 2016

       "OH! Oh! I'm sorry! This is abuse! "

There's a interesting niche for rude waitstaff. <link>
LimpNotes, Feb 29 2016


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