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3D Facebook

news feed scrollable by time, author and subject in 3 dimensions
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This is a facebook feed that scrolls up and down by time, left and right by time for each individual poster, and in and out (along the z axis by having a flip- series ) by subject.
JesusHChrist, May 15 2015

Facebook Spaces https://www.facebook.com/spaces
A different kind of 3-D FB. [nineteenthly, Jan 30 2018]


       I love... perusing... facebook, I guess I would say, because that is the word for it that occurred to me just now, but it is more of a browsing, or actually, it is kind of an ADD suicide where I follow the story line for between 1 and 5 seconds and then when I get sick of it, I kill the moment by scrolling to the next post. And that's pretty much the only choice you have, to kill the immediate moment and then see what facebook has spawned for you in the next moment, which will be of course subtly influenced a nominal percentage of the time by their algorithms. So its like killing your immediate self and waiting to see what the environment will come up with next, which is fine if the environment is nature because nature has a pretty good track record, but increasingly in my experience the environment seems to be producing assholes as evidenced by the 7 billion too many people who are populating my facebook feed, so, maybe one way to change this, or maybe just sucker more people into using facebook so that they can continue to either overpopulate the world, or come to think of it maybe to anethetize themselves into a non procreative state and thereby solve the population problem, would be to make facebook 3D, with the dimensions being time, author and subject, so that you could scroll the chronological facebook feed up and down, but then, when you wanted to, scroll each poster left and right to see the history of their posts, and then scroll along the z axis by seeing a flip chart of other posts related to the subject.
JesusHChrist, May 16 2015

       “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”—from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
popbottle, May 17 2015

       I've just logged 'permanently' out of Facebook. BecauseGodToldMeTo. I'm not even joking. He let me play on there for a few gloriously heady weeks until He'd had His fun and said His say through me, and then He rather abruptly reigned me in before I allowed the whole experience to go to my head, which would inevitably have resulted in Facebook becoming Headbook, with huge inflated 3D heads popping up on every profile page, complete with audio function, each one screaming it's Babel until one furiously clicked it away. Brrrrr! Thanks for sparing me, God.
Edie, Jan 29 2018

       It's not that easy if you are using it so people can contact you for advice and buy things off you on which you rely financially. If I didn't have it available all the time, most of the income from my business over the past few years would not have come my way.
nineteenthly, Jan 30 2018


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