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Advanced Facebook Status Update Filter

AFSUF for short.
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This is inspired by danman's idea to have facebook stati categorized by posters so that their friends know if it's worth reading. The problem was that it required input by the annoying person.

I have a number of friends on facebook who I am legitimately friends with and want to see their "big news", but couldn't care less what they are doing/eating right now and what song is stuck in their head. There should be a way to activate an automatic filter/sorter that looks for keywords and phrases in a status update and then decides whether or not that update is worth my time. For instance, any update that exactly matches a famous movie quote or song lyric will be blocked. Any quote containing the name of a major coffee shop chain will be blocked. However more important things like news about vacations/deaths/etc. will be let let through. Just in case the filter messes up and deletes something important you can look at the "spam" box to see deleted updates.

Obviously it would also work to filter apps, viral videos, and those annoying cartoon photomontages.

DIYMatt, Oct 14 2010

Idiot Shield Idiot_20shield
[DIYMatt, Oct 14 2010]




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