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Keeps you tidying, keeps you tidy.
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Laserscan the inside of the property before moving in your possessions. Also scan each item of furniture, and scan the insides of storage furniture and fixed cupboards. Then scan each possession (could be automated on a conveyor system like airport Xrays).

Each item has a barcode readable at a distance by the ceiling mounted turret. The system optimises the storage arrangement by calculating the nearest 'away' position for each item based on its current 'out' location. When you enter the room, a syntheised voice can start to nag you: "put the box of after dinner mints into the third drawer. Put the bottle of port onto the top bokshelf. Put your slippers into the cupbard under the stairs" etc.

Or you could ask the system. Finished using the hacksaw? Hold it up to the turret so its barcode is read, and the system will speak: "put the hacksaw in the newspaper rack".

You would also be able to use the system to retrieve penguin things from storage. Type in the barcode number of your car keys (or, speak "where are the car keys?") and the system speaks: "They are in the bread bin".

The deluxe version includes product categorisation algorithms so your belongings are stored only with like items.

pocmloc, Sep 25 2010

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       What sort of person would use this? What sort of person would even *propose* it? ([pocmloc] they have pills, now, that can help you. Don't believe what the voices say about side effects.)
mouseposture, Sep 25 2010

8th of 7, Sep 25 2010

       (knock at the door)   

       "Yes, I'm looking for an escaped idea?"
normzone, Sep 25 2010

       Thanks [8/7], but yours focusses on the finding, whereas this is more on the tidying in the first place.
pocmloc, Sep 26 2010


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