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6 Pronged Dummy

Extra soothing
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Dummies (soothers in US I believe) are normally a handle, a hilt, and then the soft plastic molding that goes in the mouth. I propose doing away with the handle and hilt and having a 6 pronged dummy instead. It would take the shape of and x,y,z axis (I don't know the name of the shape). The benefits would be it lasts 6 times longer, is easier for the infant to get back in if it drops out (not as much turning and positioning required), and would have a cross piece in each direction that would prevent swallowing.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 17 2008

Pacifier product category. http://www.halfbake...oduct_3a_20Pacifier
This sounds like a pacifier. Here is your category, Mony. [bungston, Nov 17 2008]


       You could do a tetrahedral binky-caltrop (no matter how you drop it, one end stays clean).
lurch, Nov 17 2008

       strap THAT to your cat!
po, Nov 17 2008

       This would be useful for parents of sextuplets as well. They need all the help they can get.
bungston, Nov 17 2008


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