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carotid massage thing

Carotid vibrator causes calmness without pressure
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Carotid massage causes dreamy calmness

there are risks though; physicians usually have a defibrillator cart at the ready

lacking a defibrillator cart but being stupid n daring I followed the description at [link]

I think the same effects could be created with a vibrator or even sonic item; that would reduce the TIA or atherosclerotic plaque detachment risk

basically I think the nerves there can be activated absent the finger pressure.

If it is harmless they could do a study comparing it to the likelihood of an untutored person feeling calmer from meditation. If the vibrator works better than meditation is could be popular and beneficial, as well as easier.

beanangel, Oct 06 2007

carotid massage; READ WARNING http://www.fpnotebook.com/CV100.htm
Start with carotid sinus on right side Massage location firmly but gently Use same pressure that would indent tennis ball Do not apply so much pressure to occlude carotid Continue massage for 5 second period [beanangel, Oct 06 2007]


       When I used to practice judo, before blowing out an ACL, I massaged a carotid or two. It certainly pacifies people, right into unconsciousness.
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 06 2007

       are you looking for guinea pigs or what?
po, Oct 06 2007

       I thought I might try it to see if reduces OCDish behavior   

       it just sounds so bizarre that I thought people here would find it thought provoking
beanangel, Oct 06 2007

       keep trying.
po, Oct 06 2007

       //I think the same effects could be created with a vibrator or even sonic item; that would reduce the TIA or atherosclerotic plaque detachment risk// Why would the same effects be created? Also, I would expect fast vibration or sonication to be more - not less - likely than massage to dislodge atherosclerotic plaques.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2007

       I thought that unilateral carotid massage slowed the heart via vagal stimulation. I am not sure why this would produce a dreamy calmness unless it is by underperfusing the brain. I suppose that could do it.   

       [Treon], did it help with OCDish behavior?
bungston, Oct 08 2007

       Similar experience to [GutPunchLullabies] but in bjj. In bjj though the guard is prevalent and encouraging a person to break it sometimes involves "massaging" the femoral artery with your elbow. It is hilariously painful and makes you want to cry like a girly man. This indicates that there is a relatively high sensitivity, so gentle massage (of more accesible arteries like carotids) may have some positive effect.   

       Classes in bjj where chokes were practiced (not to unconsciousness) for any length of time usually left me with slight light headedness with small pinpricks of light appearing in my vision. Yes o2 starvation of the brain- (a good choke will stop blood flow and put you out in 5- 10 seconds) I have seen many choked out during comps, The choke is removed and they are placed in lateral recovery position and they start twitching pretty quick, and come around fully shortly thereafter. So I don't know that you would need a defibrilator.   

       Happy massaging.
the dog's breakfast, Oct 08 2007

       The annos remind me of when I once killed a goat that had been run over. I didn't like my chances of being able to break its neck cleanly and I didn't think that strangling it would really serve my purpose of ending its suffering, so I decided to hold its carotid arteries (which were quite prominent). It didn't seem bothered by me (it had other things to worry about) and soon fell asleep and died.
marklar, Oct 08 2007

       Good work, [marklar]. Some unpleasant tasks get done in doing good deeds some times, and not many people are willing to do them.
normzone, Oct 08 2007

       Well done, but what you did is the very definition of strangling.
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 09 2007


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