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Pacie sheets

A bed with pacifers all over it
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I am so damn tired today because my child kept losing her pacie in the middle of the night and screamed until someone put it back in her mouth. I got in bed around midnight because she wouldn't go to sleep due to pacie problems and I've been up since 3am because of pacie problems. She knows how to hold the thing and puti t back in her mouth, but the act of doing it while asleep still escapes her. What if there was a type of sheet that had pacies sticthed into it every couple of inches. I guess it would kind of look like those flip-flops that were so popular a few years ago. It would feel like it when laid on anyway. This way, if she lost her pacifier all she would have to do is roll over and she would find another.
barnzenen, May 02 2002


       We're pretty much past that point in our household, but I've wondered about the logistics behind a pacifier with an elastic band on it (to strap the pacifier to the baby's face).   

       I was so sure my wife wouldn't approve that I never tried it.
phoenix, May 02 2002

       Same here phoenix, same here.
barnzenen, May 02 2002

       My newborn daughter slept for 6 1/2 hours in one stint last night! And only two weeks old! If that's not solid evidence of a future Nobel Prize in physics, I don't know what is.   

       Elastic bands or other cords are strongly warned against because they can present a strangulation hazard.   

       When I was an infant, my parents put me to bed with three pacifiers: one in the mouth and one in each hand. Evidently I was adept at replacing lost pacifiers with the supply, er, at hand, so to speak.
beauxeault, May 02 2002

       Aparantly i threw my dummie out when i was two, and said that it was 'dirty'. Better wash my mouth out with soap and water.
[ sctld ], May 02 2002

       you could always duct tape it in place <evil grin>   

       ((Just Kidding!!))
runforrestrun, May 02 2002

       Beaux - we do the same thing, actully, we have about 10 of them. One in mouth, one in hand, and many strewn about the bed in hopes that she will roll over and find one. The problem with that is all the dummies/mams/pacies are laying on their sides with the "nipple" pointing down. Let me clarify things a bit, I keep saying her/she when I should be saying them/they because they are twins, one is more fussy then the other.
barnzenen, May 03 2002


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