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Feeding device Stops Messy Meals
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OK my kid eats and has this thing about grabbing the spoon with both hands and shoving some of the food in, but most of it gets all over.

If there were a funnel on top and a hole in the front of the pacifier, it would make feeding a lot easier. Food directly bypasses the entrance and mess externally while delivering the food directly into the mouth with a natural chewing motion.

No funky spoon dance.

Kid bites sucker part and pulls away, voila! food in mouth.

subflower, Jan 08 2006

Drench guns http://www.fmb.com.au/en-gb/dept_201.html
SHould be OK for baby use, at least it won't teach them to chew nipples! [ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 08 2006]


       At the Oodnadatta Orphanage where I grew up, the Sisters of Mercy filled a big tub with mashed pumpkin and Vegemite, then used a sheep drench gun (link) to feed two hundred babies with not a drop spilled.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 08 2006


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